It can be very expensive to decorate your home.  You may start out with good intentions.  However, all of the many options can make you feel overwhelmed at times.  You get confused over which is the best choice, or how much or what you need.  Maybe you don’t have a lot of time so you start throwing money around.

However, you can save money when decorating your house by using a few simple tips.  This helpful advice will also help you from getting so overwhelmed.

Make Your Wish List

It is so easy to buy on impulse and then later regret it.  So first get your impulses under control before going shopping.

Make a list with all of the decorations and furniture you really want to get for your house.  Also prioritize your list.  Which items will have the biggest impact on a room’s appearance of make a big difference in your life?

Hold onto your list.  See if the items go on sale instead of buying them the first time you have the chance.  If you do have some money to spare, begin with your top priority items.  This will enable you to derive the most satisfaction out of the money you spend.

Home Decoration Money Saving Tips

Choose Your Paint Colour

The big advantage to using professional decorators is they are very knowledgeable and know what to do.  They will be able to pick the best colours and know how much needs to be used.  The disadvantage is they can be quite expensive.

Luckily you don’t need to have a lot of information to be able to choose the right paint colour.

Consider the lighting of the room you are planning to paint.  If you have a well lit room, you can choose a dark or bold colour,  Just be careful that the colour isn’t so overwhelming that it makes you feel closed in.  For rooms where there isn’t a lot of natural light, choose something bright or pale to add the feeling of space and light to the room.

Buy a couple of tester pots to try out first.  Paint a spot that is well-lit in addition to one in shadow.  Spend a few pounds in the beginning to save yourself money and time by having to re-paint later.

Be careful that you don’t buy too much paint so it doesn’t go to waste.  Also don’t buy too little or you will need to return to the store to buy more.  One litre of emulsion can cover 10 to 13 square meters worth of wall space.  So figure out how big the area is that you want to paint first before buying your paint.

Three Year Test

Whenever you buy expensive pieces of furniture or decorations- anything costing three or more figures- put it to the three year test.  Consider your house and your tastes.  How frequently do you like reviving your space by redecorating?  Ask yourself the question of whether you will still want the item three years from now.  If you answer yes, it could be worth buying,  However, if your answer is no, don’t buy it.


In areas that get a lot of wear, like landings and halls, spend a little more money on the carpets.  You may have to pay a little extra upfront.  However, in the long run it will save you money because expensive carpet tends to last longer.

Place a colourful rug in your hall entrance.  The dirt won’t be as visible if you do that, and it will also save wear and tear on your carpet as well.

Save Now And Later

If you put a little thought into things now, it can help save you lots of money the first time you are decorating your house as well as many years into the future.  If you do some planning ahead of time, you will have some extra money to spend on other things.  There are, after all, some really good mortgages for professionals.  However, when it comes to getting your house in order, there really aren’t any special deals.

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