We’ve all been there; we have all stood, looking at the exterior of our property, noting the curling paint and the general ‘untidy’ appearance. We have then shook our heads and once again, called on a local company to paint it. Again.

Painting the exterior of a property is usually a cyclical thing, every couple of years or so to keep on top of it, keeping our home looking ‘tidy’ and looked after. Not only that, with government initiatives telling us we need to make our homes more energy efficient, it seems that everywhere we turn, the message is clear – you need to make your home as efficient as possible, to save not just the world but the money in your pocket too.

There is, however, another solution to this age-old problem – look no further than exterior wall coatings which are beomcing a common thing in the UK particularly for houses on the coast that suffer from the salt in the sea air. Similar to paint, but with additional ‘ingredients’, sprayed on to your home, this can and will save you money…

The Top 3 Ways Exterior Wall Coatings Can Save You Money

1.     No need to Repaint for a Long Time

Some of us find ourselves dragged into the realms of painting every 2 years or so; long days and aching wrists from wielding the paintbrush yet again. But, exterior wall coatings are more robust that ‘normal’ paint so you categorically will not need to repaint for a long time – manufacturers say up to 20 years. Imagine how much you would save on paint costs and labour costs too!

2.     Repair bills Down!

Repairs costs can soon spiral upwards when the exterior of your home starts to show signs of wear and tear; various health and safety regulations for example, dictate the use of harnesses when working over a certain height, hence pushing up labour costs as a result. Exterior wall coatings have a superb robustness, durability and longevity – three essential factors in investing in preventative measures so you save money over the years on repairs!

3.     Keeps you Warmer!

Exterior wall coatings have great insulating properties too but not only that, small gaps and crevices that might be letting in cold winter air (hence letting out your heat) which you may not have noticed are effectively plugged. Many people who have already invested in exterior wall coatings will tell you, that they homes appear warmer and snugger in next-to-no-time.

Saving money is at the top of everyone’s agenda these days, simply because the cost of essential, including the utilities of electricity and gas, have carried on creeping on up. But, not only that, people invest in their properties for a reason – to see them create something for the future – and exterior wall coatings is one of those investments that will help homeowners. Condensation and mould problems can be lessened with the application of an exterior wall coating, if not eradicated completely and, best of all, it gives your property great visual appeal.

Matt Glover, roof coating specialist and blogger, has been in the building trade for many years and enjoys expressing his knowledge through blogging.

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