If you have a plan to make more of your retail or office space but fear that existing walls will just tie you down too much, why not consider stud walls to redefine the rooms? Stud walls come in all sorts of shapes, from trendy and sinuous to plain old right-angled corners but with a little imagination they can make a space work much better for you. Combined with an attractive suspended ceiling and some glass partitions to keep the light levels balanced, you can make rooms wherever you want them and it isn’t costly or time-consuming.

New Rooms for Old

Fraser Projects supply a variety of stud walls, both timber framed and metal, which can give up to four hours fire retardance. If you think that there is a specific need for fire precautions in your premises, check with the fire prevention officer in your area – they are always more than happy to help. This also applies to suspended ceilings – fire retarding properties are very important here especially in a high rise building and so all suspended ceilings come under the legislations of the HSE (Health and Safety Executive). Stud walls and suspended ceilings don’t usually look any different if they are specially chosen for their fire retarding properties, so there is no cosmetic element to consider.

Walls And Ceilings Made To Order For Your Perfect Refurbishment Project

The Right Ceiling for the Job

Some ceilings just need to look pretty to finish off a room and most manufacturers and fitters carry a wide selection of decoratively finished suspended ceilings. If you are designing a room from scratch or simply improving the acoustic or aesthetic qualities, a suspended ceiling gives you a real chance to make a difference to the feel of a room. Concealed lighting is very restful to the eye as it tends to cast fewer shadows and when fitting a new suspended ceiling this is really easy to fit, with no routing out. The concealed lighting is also easier to maintain, as it is possible to fit it with extra wiring so the fitments can drop down more easily. If your room tends to be rather echoing and boxy, a suspended ceiling lower than the original and made with acoustic tiles can sort that out in a flash and staff and productivity levels will benefit.

Quick and Simple Office Refurbishment

Offices and retail spaces need a spot of TLC every now and again because it is amazing how much difference it can make to staff morale and sales levels if the interior is fresh and new. A lick of paint is sometimes not enough, because the shape of the rooms and the acoustic situation occasionally need a new look. Open plan is fine in some circumstances, but if your staffing numbers have grown, it may be that everyone is feeling a little crowded and although making smaller rooms may seem counter-intuitive in this situation, it is amazing how a little added privacy with rooms broken up into smaller units with stud walls and made cosier with a suspended ceiling can add to staff wellbeing.

Rob Steen is a freelance copywriter who often writes for Fraser Projects

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