When leaving for a vacation, people usually have a “shut down brain activities and rest” on their to-do lists. Still, even though holidays are the days for not stressing out, we all need to look after our health. Apart from a healthy balanced diet and moderation when it comes to food, physical activities are recommended as well, of the same or similar intensity as you would normally perform them. Some inconveniences that might arouse are colds and flu, so you should know how to protect yourself. Here, I will give you a few tips that will make your journey a peaceful and happy experience.

Research your destination in Case of Vaccinations

If you are into exotic destinations, such as Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, Fiji, which are a paradise for yoga, but a potential danger for your health, you should do your research of potential diseases and preventions.

How To Stay Healthy While Travelling

If you do not explore the potential hazards and receive vaccines for them, you may catch malaria, yellow fewer, Japanese encephalitis, Hepatitis A, etc. If you are going to spend time outdoors, some place where you can face wild animals, make sure you have pre-exposure rabies vaccine. For the majority of destinations, you will need at least some routine vaccines.

Try Food but Do Not Exaggerate and Be Careful

The local cuisine is always one of the most exciting experiences when travelling. Still, there are some cuisines with overwhelming spices that you are not used to eating. Therefore, be sure to restrict yourself from ordering everything that sounds tasty, to avoid nausea, stomach aches and unwanted fat deposits.

How To Stay Healthy While Travelling

It would be wise to check the best places to eat, before you start your culinary adventure. You can do that with useful travel apps where people share their dining experiences, such as Yelp and Localeur.

Stay Hydrated

If hydration is important for everyday healthy life, it is even more important when travelling. The usually recommended amount of water is about eight glasses per day. Still, the request your body has for water grows, depending on the physical activities and temperatures.

How To Stay Healthy While Travelling

I have learned from my personal trainers from Dubai that besides water, there is some food that can help you stay hydrated. Great foods that will keep you hydrated are cucumbers, Greek yogurt, watermelons and Rooibos tea.

Try Fun Activities

Similar to trying local culinary specialities, engaging in fun and interesting activities at the destination you are visiting is an essential part of your trip. This will also contribute to your physical and mental health. If you are visiting Tahiti, you should definitely try snorkelling, kayaking or diving.

How To Stay Healthy While Travelling

When staying in India, or any Asian country, visit their local yoga teachers and see if you can learn something new in the lands where yoga has been a tradition for thousands of years. If a mountain is nearby, pack your backpack and go hiking.

Be Active – Exercise

It is ok to see your vacation days as the time to put your feet up and enjoy yourself, but neglecting physical activities will get you nowhere. The simplest thing you can do is to walk, go wherever you can on foot, up and down the stairs, for example, avoiding the elevator. If your hotel has a gym, use it to boost your energy for the rest of the day. You can practice yoga inside the hotel, in your room, on the balcony or in the gym.

How To Stay Healthy While Travelling

I recommend you do it outside, if you are in natural surroundings, so you can breathe in the pure air. You can also travel at various yoga festivals all over the world.

Do not let your enjoyment be ruined with health issues. Instead, take matters into your own hands and follow these few simple steps in order to remain in top shape.

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