Often, we need support from the family for our personal issues. People who are from close knit families can often gain so much and obtain assistance when needed. We should try to rely on family support and it’s possible if we have strong connections with family members. In fact, we can dismiss some of the helps provided by institutions if we have a strong family system that can help us to get through many situations. Families can help us to do many things, such as quitting on bad habits. Among the most dangerous legal habits are smoking and drinking alcohol. The law enforcement agency won’t arrest us for smoking and drinking alcohol, but their abuse could be as deadly as using cocaine and other addictive drugs. Smoking is a dangerous activity that can cause so many problems in the long run. Smokers often need continuous support from family members, so they will be able to quit inhaling the toxic smoke into their lungs. In this case, we should invest in building a highly effective and supportive family. They are often the best kind of support that we can get. Spouse or parents can provide many things, including advice to help us stop smoking. As an example, a father may instill a positive belief that manhood can be achieved by being trustworthy, hardworking and responsible, instead of smoking, drinking alcohol and using drugs. For teenagers who are concerned about the influence of smoking in their environment, it is important for them to start the discussion with their parents.

It is a good thing to be able to talk with someone who sahres the same root, such as our parents. There are many reasons to quit this damaging habit and anytime is a good time to quit smoking. Family members can become a huge source of motivation. They will be able to provide with any kind of advice that can help us to quit smoking immediately. People who insist on smoking regardless of the obvious health risks are asking for a lot of troubles in the long run. Smoking is more than just causing lung cancers. It could cause heart problems, other types of cancer, stroke and sudden infant deaths. Second hand smokers are often family members themselves and it doesn’t make sense to give our own beloved family members a wisp of toxic smoke each day. Children can be particularly affected by continuous exposure to tobacco smoke During the process of terminating the smoking habit, there are steps that we can do to limit the overall problem. As an example, we could as smokers to limit their smoking habit in a well ventilated small room. This will make sure that the tobacco smoke won’t enter the rest of the house and family members will not be affected. Many smokers are not able to stop smoking because they can’t do this alone. Smoking cessation can be among the hardest struggle that many people need to go through. Without family support, there’s nothing that people can do to escape from this problem.

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