CRM-system is a powerful and thought-out technology in the service of commerce. Combining the marketing, sales and service processes into a single integrated approach, it helps to build strong and long-term relationships with customers.

Today it is almost impossible to do business without crm online trial, as customer focus and building an ideal customer experience have become a key focus of the development strategy of any company.

Crm online trial allows you to more subtly and purposefully influence potential and existing customers.

Modern technologies and marketing mechanisms allow companies to attract a certain number of leads. Some of them will move further along the funnel and become buyers, and only a few will reach the last stage and become permanent customers. Crm online trial helps to effectively manage the full life cycle of the client by combining marketing, sales and customer service in a single integrated approach.

Business Objectives Resolved with Crm Online Trial

  • Management of customer service business processes.
  • Marketing management and lidogeneration.
  • Client database management: storage of customer information, interaction history, customer segmentation by various criteria, database analyst.
  • Automation of workflow, creation of templates of contracts, letters and presentations.
  • Sales planning, performance evaluation of managers and control of the sales department with the help of a sales funnel.
  • Staff time management.
  • Organization of an omniscient contact center and Service Desk support.

CRM-systems for Sales and Customer Relations Management

Effective cloud platform for automation of all processes of interaction with customers at the stages of attraction, sale, additional sales, further development and retention. The system a set of tools that will help solve the tasks of marketing management, customer base, sales management, etc.

One of the key advantages of the crm online trial is its interface – simple and intuitive, which allows new users to get involved almost immediately, without spending time on training.

Features of the system:

  • Maintaining the client base. crm online trial stores all information about customers: contact information, history of purchases and other interactions, relationships, addresses with the ability to view on the map, bills and so on.
  • Management of the working schedule of all employees. You can plan both your own schedule, and the schedule of subordinates, as well as create tasks.
  • Management of potential transactions and sales department.
  • Automation of document circulation, electronic signature.
  • Analytics and graphical reports.


A convenient and fast system for entrepreneurs, which provides the basic and most important indicators for business: reports, a summary of the day, sales funnel, failure analysis and so on.

Features of the system:

  • Integration with popular instant messengers and social networks, the InSales platform.
  • Management of the product catalog: it is possible to create goods and services, customize the cards, add the necessary fields, and customize the analytics.
  • Integration with the service of mass sms-dispatches.

Salesap CRM

A cloud system for managing clients and transactions. The system is free, but provides a wide range of tools for the entrepreneur – from accounting of customers and transactions, to integration with telephony, the site and email, analysts.

Features of the system:

  • Storing all information about customers, history of interactions with them.
  • Interactive calendar for customer records, time management and KPI control
  • Reference sales process: the system guides the seller through the steps, suggesting the actions to follow.
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