There are different types of animation methods and one of them is clay animation. With enough creativity, it should be possible to create lovable characters out of clay. Other than for standard TV series, clay animation is also often used for advertising purposes. Unlike standard animation, with clay characters we will get stronger 3D representations on the screen. Obviously, creating one minute of clay animation is already a significant work. But, with computers, this should be much easier to do. Even so, clay animation is still quite labor intensive and there are a lot of pre-production tasks that need to be done. As an example, artists will need to draw detailed sketch of the characters as guideline. There are many miniature objects that will need to be prepared to set up good enough environment for the animation. Each frame must be planned carefully to make sure that it will result in smooth progression of the story line. Clay characters will need to move and assume a wide variety of pose, so they will look believable. It takes a lot of effort and patience to give an impression that these clay characters are alive. Because clay characters are three dimensional objects, artists need to make sure that they move and behave like people in the real world. Improper planning may requires that many frames will need to be repeated and this will result in a quite high production cost. However, using too many repetition will cause the audience to become disinterested.

The last thing that any animator want is to lose their audience due to their own mistake. Because clay animation takes a bit more effort to create, it is important to make sure that all their work isn’t in vain. It is important to make sure that clay animator producers are able to get real results of their works. Computer provides inherent advantage for any animator and this should be a good thing for many animators who previously struggle with clay animation. Computer animation should help us to define how things should be performed much more efficiently. Even so, creativity should still be the best element of any animation work and too much artificial elements can have dulling effects. It is like showing something that feels fake to the audience, despite all the impressive graphics. The audience should belief that we are delivering real work that looks impressive and wonderful. It’s something that we really need to consider, if we want to achieve much from the animation work. Although many animators prefer CGI and other digital elements, clay animation still has strong appeal. With proper work, we should have great financial rewards. It’s true that clay animation is already quite rare in modern entertainment scene, but it is still something that give so much appeal to many people. We should make sure that things will be quite well worth the effort. Next time we see a rare clay animation work on TV screen, we should appreciate it frame by frame

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