When it comes to dental health, we often talk about the importance of hygiene. However, we should also consider the need of modifying our diet plan to make sure that our teeth can stay healthy. One common thing that many people say that we should avoid is high consumption of sugar. Parents often say that sweets and candies are bad for our teeth. High presence on the nook and crannies of our mouth doesn’t only promote the proliferation of bad oral bacteria. High blood sugar could also affect the proper balance of calcium and phosphorus. If the level of calcium in the blood is lower, some amount of calcium will be pulled from our teeth. This could cause the degradation of our teeth, which is not a good thing to have. If the level phosphorus in our blood gets lower, the mineral content inside the dentin will be affected and it is important component to the structure of the tooth enamel. Low fat foods are often promoted for their health benefits, but they are missing some of the essential components that are needed for our health. So, it is important to not rely on that too much.

Low fat milk has been pasteurized and homogenized, causing it to lose some of the nutrition value. Probiotic or good bacteria can also be killed by the process. Although getting less fat is a good thing for our body, it is certainly bad to let pathogenic bacteria to proliferate inside our body. It means that we need to consume a balanced amount of fresh, unpasteurized milk that’s guaranteed to contain enough probiotics. Refined and bleached white flour is also not a good thing for our dental health. This can be made worse with the presence of high sugar level. Both can also cause a dietary issue in our gastrointestinal system. So, it is important for us to cut down on the consumption of various cakes that can be made from refined flour.

Also, when combined with butter, the cake will form a sticky layer on the surface of the teeth. The layer will decompose and become acidic, degrading the outer layer of our teeth. The bleaching process of the refined process add chlorine dioxide, which causes its bright white appearance. We don’t need to have bad stuff in our food and it is important to know what kind of ingredient that’s present in our meals. If we do things properly, it should be quite easy for us to re-mineralize our teeth, so we can rebuild stronger teeth for many years to come. The positive side is that there are things that we can do to make our teeth stronger and it is important for us not to choose the wrong food. If we start to have problems with our teeth, we need to both improve the hygiene and the quality of our daily diet. Gums can also be affected by wrong type of food that we eat, so it is important to be careful.

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