It is important for legal professionals to be able to provide disclosure and evidences through persuasive communication. This will allow them to increase the chance of winning the case. The challenge is how to best convince people about this kind of claim and it’s in our best interest to quickly settle the claim. In many cases, typical PowerPoint presentations are no longer enough to deliver all the facts. Legal professionals will need a more fluid form of communication media. People will be able to interact well when they see videos. TV and computers are standard devices in our daily lives and people have become accustomed of seeing various forms of motion picture presentations. It means that PowerPoint slides could become less effective and may reduce the overall information retrieval among the audience.

Well composed videos could help us to convey large amount of facts without interruptions and very quickly. We should be able to portray numerous details and facts through proper usages of videos. Before creating videos for courtroom purposes, we need to target our audience and it is important that all the information will be well understood by the judge, jury, the opposing legal team and spectators. The success of video presentation depends on different factors. Non-professional videos may have much less impacts compared to those with good quality. So, it is important that we are able to assure good quality with our videos, in terms of visual presentation and excellent details that are included.

It means that the legal team should work with qualified video producers who have proper track record. It is important for us to find out about related problems and concerns. Good evidences that we can provide through videos may bring forth a just and early settlement. Only good video producers that can help us put together compelling and powerful documentary. We should also storyboard our production process. We should begin the production of video settlement process and we should make sure that people will be able to stay focused when they watch our videos. We should know how to identify any problem area and determine evidence that allows us to best tell the overall story. The storyboard should be a sequence of events that can be easily followed by the audience. We should also use professional and appropriate theme for our documentary, so details can be delivered in an elegant manner.

From the storyboard, we will be able to prepare shot sheets for the camera crew. We should know about things that need to be videotaped. There could be demonstrative evidences that must be properly videotaped. In this case, locations and shoots should be properly scheduled. There should also be a proper editing and post production process. The editing process could remove irrelevant details and add essential voice over as well as special effects. This is the time when we are able to rough edit the documentary. By performing the right kind of editing process, we will be able to accomplish goals in the courtroom.

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