Sleepiness and sluggishness are very common habits in our lives. Sometimes one feels too tired i.e. mentally or physically. Falling asleep while meditating is very common and one is not able to focus clearly. Becoming sleepy is a way your mind plays whenever you are trying to focus on the difficult thoughts and emotions. Meditation requires proper concentration which requires energy, clarity and sharpness. These constituents of concentration lack when you start falling asleep. Meditation is designed to improve your awareness state from the normal daily existence. When meditating, real joy does not come from sleepiness and drowsiness but sleep rather makes you dull thus you end up losing energy.

For you to overcome sleepiness during meditation here is a beginners guide to meditation which shows that there are various things that you can do to curb it. Some of the ways are:

How To Avoid Falling Asleep During Meditation?

i. Ensure you get enough sleep during meditation:

Embarking on meditation with so much exhaustion can lead to sleeping during meditation. You need to get enough sleep before your next meditation otherwise you will fall asleep as you meditate.

ii. Take a walk while meditating:

Doing physical exercise such as walking as you meditate will help greatly in avoiding sleep. This will keep your organs to be alert. Try walking in silent places like parks. This will help greatly as you meditate.

iii. Try to stand up in the process of meditation: 

If you are meditating while seated and you feel a bit sleepy, you can try to stand slowly and quietly without disturbing any other person who might be in the room. As you stand up, you should also try not to lose your focus on what you are meditating about.

iv. Take as deep breath as possible:

Should you fall sleepy during meditating, always try to take deep breath and hold it as long as possible, then slowly breathe out. You need to repeat this for several times until your body warms up. This leads to perspiration which avoids the sleepiness. Then go back to your meditation.

v. Avoid eating too much before meditating:

Should you be hungry before you start meditating, it is recommended to take just a snack. If you take a heavy meal, you are more likely to lose concentration and fall asleep.

vi. Try to meditate at different times of the day:

People feel sleepy at different times of the day. If you have been meditating at a certain time of the day, you should try to meditate at different times of the day especially when you are sure that you may not fall asleep.

Follow these tips, they will improve your meditation experience.

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