Is your teen having difficulty in adjusting and adapting themselves in the high school scenario? Are they not coming up to the set grades as standards of the institute and are always disappointing you by producing unsatisfactory result? Are you concerned and apprehensive about their future as they cannot confront the challenges and handle them with proper rationale and thinking? Then it is time for you to settle down and give a piece of advice to your teens. They might be doing that on purpose for the sake of attention seeking, or they might be actually involved in some unexplainable phenomenon of learning disabilities which you might not know about. There are countless reasons associated with the above mentioned failures. Some teens also act this way because of the weak bond created between parents and teens in the early age of child development. This is why experts focus and pressurize on the act of intense bonding with the young ones and even right after they are born. Parental teen relationship is very essential as the success of an individual depends on the strengthened and fortified bond between these two. The reason behind this is that teens often find their parents to be their sole guides and the ultimate form of protection in terms of assistance and help. This sort of relationship is only built on mutual trust and networks which is only originated at the start of the teen’s life. So, if your teen is acting strange in academic dynamics, then make sure that they are studying well enough by acquainting yourself with various techniques. You can enhance their mental capability and augment their thinking process by diverting their attention towards academics.

Positive Relationship

You can boost your teen’s mental abilities by initially creating a positive and a healthy relationship with your teen. If your relationship is distorted and unhealthy, then teens will try to avoid and dodge you and will never listen to the advices relating to academics. So make sure that your relationship with your teen is effective, healthy and appreciable rather than based on compulsion.


Your teens would acknowledge and appreciate that you are taking time out and helping and guiding them in their academic spheres. Always be available and instruct them on their essay paper or other academic related projects as well. Give your ideas in various topics or themes and make sure you are with them when they are starting their homework.


Your teen might lack the element of encouragement and the zeal required for moving ahead. Be the source of motivation by constantly appreciating them and driving them to achieve their targeted set goals. They might be in deep requirement of encouragement from you which was avoided and neglected at your side.

Parental Teacher Association

If your teen is performing poorly then make sure that you are in contact with the teachers. Teachers can guide you well and let you know where they stand and whether they are improving in grades or not. They can direct you toward some techniques that can be practiced at home with the teens to make them more efficient.

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