As shopping online for windows and doors continues to become the new norm, hundreds of new brands and businesses are to setting up shop all over the UK.  Technically speaking, this is nothing but a positive thing, as this kind of competition inherently breeds higher quality standards and lower prices in general.  All of which bodes very well for the consumer, but at the same time it can make it difficult to know where to start looking. Not only this, but such a huge ocean of providers in business can at the same time make it easier for rogue traders to slip the net and do what they do.

The good news however is that with just a few tips from the experts, it’s perfectly possible to make the right choice with the right provider with little to no complications. According to the team at, it’s simply a case of approaching things thoughtfully and proactively, rather than simply diving into the first deal that comes along.

Buying High-Quality Wooden Windows and Doors – Getting It Right, First Time

So for those who may be considering upgrading their home’s windows and doors in the near future, here’s a brief overview of five crucially important tips to follow along the way:

1 – Take Your Time

First up, rushing your decision is perhaps the single most effective way of ensuring you end up making a pretty bad decision in general. Of course it can be tempting to snap up those ‘limited time’ special offers and money-saving deals, but it’s worth remembering that in the vast majority of instances, these offers technically don’t exist. Instead, they simply try to convince you that the prices and packages up for grabs now are on offer for a limited time only, when they are in fact simply the standard deals you can access any time of the year and from a variety of providers.  So you need to take as much time as necessary to not only decide exactly what you want, but who you want to work with. If at any time you feel yourself being rushed, you might want to think about walking away.

2 – Consider Colour Choices

What’s really great about wooden doors and windows is the way in which it’s possible to have them manufactured or finished in just about any colour or style imaginable. It’s tempting to instinctively opt for classic whites, browns, blacks and so on, but you’d be amazed just how incredible the exterior of your home might look with a lick of colour. These days, it’s pretty easy to experiment with a whole world of different styles and colours. Simply take photographs of your home’s exterior, fire it into a photo editing package on your computer and see just how things would look when you change the colours of your windows and doors.

3 – Be Specific

Prior to heading out on the search for the perfect windows and doors for your home, it’s a good idea to think carefully about exactly what you need and do not need. Make a list of what’s required and keep it close to hand at all times – the reason being that so many companies out there will do everything within their power to convince you to buy more. You set out to change a few windows, they persuade you to change your interior and exterior doors at the same time. Of course there’s always the chance you’ll be offered a package deal that is genuinely fantastic by way of value for money, but if it’s a package you simply do not need, it’s all money you really didn’t need to spend.

4 – Compare Providers

You’ll no doubt find that so many providers out there are more than happy to guarantee they’ll beat any like-for-like quote from any other provider. As such, it’s in your best interests to compare the market as extensively as possible as in doing so you’ll find it much easier to negotiate the lowest possible price. You might also find package deals that are genuinely market-leading.

5 – Guarantees and Warranties

Last up, it’s almost unheard of these days for quality windows and doors to be supplied and fitted without extensive warranties covering both the hardware itself and the labour. Nevertheless, exactly to what extent you’re covered by any given warranty will vary enormously from one provider to the next. Some offer five years of very basic coverage, some offer a decade of total coverage as standard and others don’t make it in any way clear as to whether they offer any warranties at all.  Shop around, factor warranties into the decision you make and if you’re in any way unsure, ask.

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