SEO professionals and website owners have been struggling for years to achieve better ranking positions. The reason should be quite easy to understand and simple. They could gain better traffic with better ranking. There are many motives of running a website. Many people want to sell products, offer services, offer advertisers to click or disseminate information. The activity of getting much better rankings is commonly known as SEO or search engine optimization. There are different tools and methods that we can choose. In SEO industry, tools should get better. There are different SEO tools in the market. As an example, developers offer keyword research tools that they update regularly. This is one of the most popular SEO tools and it is considered essential.

How to Choose Proper SEO Tools

These tools extract most relevant keywords from Keyword Discovery or WordTracker. When choosing keyword tools, we should make sure that they have useful dig tools. They should be able to import keywords from WordTracker and Keyword Discovery. Terms that they use should be closely related to Google, which allows us to have proper SEO campaign. Some of the tools also offer add-on tool. The interface should have perfect interface layout. They should be able to combine many keyword lists. Some tools also rely too much on Overture data and they may lack complete accuracy. More sophisticated tools could also show competition data for specific keywords. In general, phrases and keywords are still two important elements that allow us to get much higher rankings.

These tools should allow us to study how keywords behave and we should be able to know about the performance of keywords, variations of keywords, data trends and others. Tools with user friendly interface should be very easy to use. They may also have powerful and reliable keyword data. Some tools charge monthly, others charge annually. However, Google’s Keyword Tracking offers free service for people with Google account. We should also check domain stats tool and with statistical data extracted from popular sources, such as Alexa Traffic Rank, backlink count, Yahoo WebRank, Dmoz listings and age of the domains. This result should be quite handy and we will be able to know about our competitors.

We should also look for domain age tool and it will show us about the age of a website and how long it has been registered. It is important for us to check the longevity of a website and this could be considered as its authenticity. In general, people will trust older websites more compared to older one. In general, competing websites could gain edge if they have older domain. This should allow us to compensate by adding more interesting content to improve our rankings.

We should also use reciprocal link checker tool. This is an advanced tool that can help us to define whether the link is legitimate. This should help us to know about the overall visibility of the website and its popularity. This should help us to remove links that are reciprocal in nature. In the end, we will have increased page rank.

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