There are some basic rules to follow when we are planning a SEO campaign, especially if we plan to hire SEO professionals. In general, if something is too good to be true, then it probably is. In many cases, if we ask around often and long enough, we could find someone who tells us ways to get more out of SEO campaign budget. In this case, regardless of cautions and warning that have been made, there is always someone who naively believes that they will exempt from the bad odds and this will cause them to disregard common sense. They think wishfully they will soon strike a mother lode in SEO, which allows them to rank really high. We shouldn’t let the next victim of SEO fraudsters be us. We should be wary of those SEO soothsayers.

How to Avoid Being Fooled by SEO Professionals?

Even if we have hired the best SEO professionals and spend millions of dollars in the campaign, we shouldn’t think that we are guaranteed to get good results. In fact, it takes only a new Google algorithmic update to cause our SEO campaign to come crashing down before its completion. Because there are no guarantees, we should prioritize on common sense, because our money is at stake and in many cases, lots of it. We should know that someone is probably tying to take advantage of us. There are many hard lessons learned in SEO industry and eventually, we will come to the same old universal truths. We would find again and again that fools and their money soon parted and to make money, we need to spend money, often a lot of it. We won’t get free things for nothing in SEO industry and if we spend good money for questionable methods, we will jump into the fire. Some SEO professionals may behave like charlatans who sell snake oils, so we could cure whatever SEO problems that ail us. Telemarketers could hound us to purchase their latest package deals.

We shouldn’t easily believe that these professionals will bring us to the Promised Land. It is important to know whether we can find possible causes of excuses, exceptions, fine prints and loopholes that could cause to lose in the end. We shouldn’t make the same mistake over and over again, because this will make matters worse. Some telemarketers could also convince us through the phone that we need to join their SEO plan after they purportedly checked our website performance in search engine results. In reality, we won’t be able to optimize our website completely if we don’t change the content. In general, we should make sure that people are able to find our websites without forcing us to use questionable SEO methods.

Even if these SEO professionals promise us huge increase in traffic, we should know that more traffic doesn’t mean more sales. More traffic usually only means that people have clicked on our links in search engine results. They could be just windows shoppers who don’t find relevant products in our website.

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