The best SEO technique is to deliver something that’s appealing to actual human users. In this case, effective headlines are often considered as important headlines to the rest of our content. In this case, our website is intended to attract more relevant visitors. We should try to be appealing to people who visit our website and this effectively bring visitors to our websites and our conversion rates could naturally improve. By writing appropriate heading, we should be able to use our heading tags properly. In reality, we should be able to have as many as heading we want in the articles, but they should be arranged properly.

In this case, we should always try to be honest and avoid fooling search engine. There could be some old manipulative techniques that could cause our website to get penalized. Some website owners actually attempt to use antiquated techniques that have been negated by previous Google’s algorithm updates. Google will ignore headings if they find out that we are misusing them. Worst of all, our websites could be considered as spammy and this will cause reduction in search rankings. In fact, it can be rather difficult to regain our former ranks. Ultimately, many companies are forced to create a new website from scratch and start anew, because their former website has been permanently blacklisted.

How to Improve Our SEO Performance With The Right Headlines?

It is important for us to write in a more tantalizing way. If we claim that we are able to provide a solution, we should make sure that people are agree that we are being helpful. There are methods that we can use to create powerful, functional and targeted headings. As an example, we could entice readers by writing “10 Hidden Secrets for….” and something similar. Before choosing a heading, we should make sure that we search Google for something identical or nearly similar. It is a good idea to make a list of possible titles we can use and choose one that hasn’t been used by others.

It means that, we may need to compose our content based on the title we choose. Although it is often advised to create content and then choose proper titles, we may also do this the other way around. Based on SEO principles, it could actually be more important to have interesting titles. Thousands of new articles are published each day and it is possible that our preferred topic has been discussed hundreds or thousands of times before. So, if we are unable to provide something new, we would be lucky if we have trickles of traffic for that particular webpage. Many successful online writers look for topics that are rarely discussed.

This will allow them to rank higher, due to the absence of competition for specific topics. In general, it is better to write an article with somewhat obscure topic that gives us 5 visitors each day, than writing a more generalized article that doesn’t appeal to anyone, because the topic has been discussed over and over again for millions of times.

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