If we run a website, we should consistently evaluate to make sure that our website has been properly updated. The idea is that running a website should be considered a long-term process. When we have a website, we should make sure that we are able to create new content. It is a bad idea to just let our website sit and has no new content. We should consistently add new, fresh content to our website. Search engines love websites that are able to stay fresh by delivering content with fresh new articles and images. In this case, it is a bad idea to add 50 new pages for the first month, but we don’t add anything for two months. Search engines will be able to pick up this behaviour and we shouldn’t expect to get higher ranks.

Why We Should Regularly Update Our Content

Good websites have updated content based on primary and secondary keywords. Hit or miss changes to our website would be entirely useless. In fact, we will spend so much time running our website with little results, if we let wide time gaps between updates. When we change old pages and add new pages, we should make sure that they could appeal to many users. It is a bad idea to change our pages, if we are unable to add information that can appeal to users. In this case, we should make sure that people are looking for information that we want to add. With reliable updates, we could find that eventually our website gets steady trickle of traffic. We should be aware that search engines are very smart mechanisms and any attempt to fool them could cause penalization.

It is important for us to follow what’s hot and what people are looking for. Google Trends is a very useful tool to help us know what people are looking at the exact moment. With Google Trends, we could look for hot keywords that are relevant to our website. By incorporating useful keywords, we should be able to make sure that our website will have more traffic. With frequent updates, our website will have higher CTR. CTR is also known as click through rate and it plays a significant aspects of how search engines could record specific information. Higher CTR will inform Google and other search engines that our website is considered important by many people. CTR can be kept high only if we have fresh and new content.

Traffic signature and visitors behaviours can be affected by how often we add fresh, interesting content. Search engines regularly check how often we add new content. In the end, regularly updated websites will attract relevant readers, instead of online windows shoppers. They are more likely to purchase our products and click our ads. Traffic is an indication that our website has something valuable that can be provided to readers and potential users. When adding new content, we should make sure that we have proper grammar and spelling.

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