Many of us are actually tired of trying to get a position in the first page of Google search result. It may not be too motivating to see that our website continues to be placed on the 3rd page, despite of what we have done. Although we are facing stiff competition, it is actually possible for us to perform well and gain better rankings. There are many reasons why we can’t compete well, as an example, we may have a relatively new domain. In general, it can be difficult to get our website to get ranked and indexed if it has a completely new domain that hasn’t been registered before. Google and major search engines consider the age of our domain as an essential factor. In fact, in the real world, older companies are considered to have better credibility than newer ones.

How to Compete if We Have a Brand New Domain

So what should we do? It takes time for our new domain to be trusted and we should be able to prove it to Google and other search engines that we are fully credible. There are things we should do to improve our credibility faster, such as creating fantastic content and performing on-page optimization. We should also be able to improve our presence in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media websites. As an example, we should start a blog, although we are selling products. In this case, we could add a blog section in our online store website and we should add interesting content. In general, search engines really love blogs, because they are rich in content. Blogs should be updated frequently with informative and interesting content.

This should allow us to gain links from other websites if we are considered credible in specific field. Content should be closely related to our product and content. This will help us to build quality backlinks, popularity and credibility. We won’t be afraid of being trapped by duplicate content filters. Articles should resolve users query. We should promote our articles by posting them on our website and then we could start syndicating them to different submission websites. We could also make a list of long tail keywords. This will help us to diversify our traffic and we should spend enough time to find the right keyphrases. Expert SEO use different research, statistical, analysis and projection tools; so it is important for us to study results of these tools.

We could also try to be active in YouTube by creating impressive videos. This is one of the best methods to gain ranking and traffic boost with relatively less effort. This should be easy if we know how to create videos that people like. We should keep in mind that there are many ways to boost traffic without relying too much on Google. Obviously, we shouldn’t forget the core activity of any SEO campaign, such as linkbuilding. If we have a new domain, we should consider building links naturally. It is important that we don’t add too much links. We should look for competing sites that are relevant to our market and business. In this case, by creating wonderful content, people will try to link back to our website.

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