We should know how major search engines define their ranking. Each search engine have specific secret that they keep closely. In fact, if we know how Google ranks website, we could be able to focus only on specific areas, instead of focusing on less important factors. However, we all know that inbound links plays an essential role in determining the value of our website. Links that point towards our website could be used to evaluate the value of our documents. In reality, search engines continue to add and remove factors to keep themselves fully updated. It should also be noted that there are blackhat SEO tricks. It means that there are shortcuts that we could use to reduce the time needed to rank higher in search results.

Search engines have chosen specific factors that can make their results more accurate. As an example, they also start to track the age of domain. It means that older domains will be considered more trustworthy than newer ones. They also try to detect unusual activities to determine whether a website is based on blackhat or spammy SEO techniques. As an example, some SEO professionals are able to add hundreds of new inbound links just days after the domain is registered. In this case, website owners should add links progressively. In fact, it is more natural if our website doesn’t get new links in the first few weeks. New links should start to arrive one month after the domain is registered. Eventually, more and more links will arrive.

How Search Engines Track Our Websites

Due to this principle, we should add a few links at a time as our domain start to age. Search engines will consider that our website has natural progression. The idea is to avoid bad SEO professionals who promise hundreds of links. We should know that SEO campaign takes time and it can’t be completed within days. We should mix the longevity of our domain with the acceptable quality of our content. This should help our website to be more resistant to the next algorithmic changes. In general, it takes only minutes to create spam sites. There are many website engines that can produce different layouts and spammers will only need to add content and images. In this case, spammers will only need to get a few dozens of visitors to gain huge revenue, if they have hundreds of spammy websites.

Search engines will also determine how our website operates. If our website has good quality content then search engines will determine that it is genuine and could really help people. Over time, as our website becomes more mature, our ranks in search results will be higher. Search engines tend to frown upon websites that are not updated and use the same old, stale content. Search engines love websites that regularly add new, fresh content. It is suggested that we add new secondary keywords related to our primary keywords. This will make sure that our website will continue to expand. Our website will be fully focused, will be clean and will deserve better rankings in search results.

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