Sodium bicarbonate is perhaps one of the ingredients that most functions can have in the kitchen. However, when preparing desserts is important not to forget to add it to your recipes. It may seem that its role has already been replaced by more modern products. However, a recipe with him and without it makes a difference. Today we tell you what gets this ingredient in your sweetest dishes.

How Baking Soda Works In The Kitchen

Fluffier Desserts

The reaction bicarbonate making them together with creamy bases with acids points consists in expanding air bubbles that are inside. In that sense, the result is much more fluffy dessert. Of course, you know that not just add baking soda without further to achieve this result. Actually, you need to go to the oven as soon as possible so that the heat acting before all the air to escape. Had you ever tried before? Maybe now you understand why not up your sweet.

An Aspect of Professional

Although maybe the fact that baking soda expand desserts already knew, is much less common knowledge that this preparation gets a nice effect on candy and cookies. And it is not a question of aesthetics, but of chemistry. This ingredient is alkaline, and on contact with acids containing milk, cream or yogurt are capable of achieving this oxidation creating a very appetizing sight gold effect.

If in your case the masses that have poured too light a color that did not look amazing, nor get enough is inflation to achieve a textured sponge, then you should know that the key is to put all your recipes a bit bicarbonate. Generally, with a tablespoon will suffice.

Things Baking Soda can do


Whether hands, face or any part of the body, mix some baking soda with your day cream or a little water and rub the area you want treated.

Removes Odors

To get rid of refrigerator odors, trash can, car and even shoes, add a little baking powder inside. To absorb the odor of a site, poured a considerable amount in a jar without a water and leave it in a corner, you can change each week.

Teeth Whitening

Use baking soda to whiten your teeth once a week or when you feel it necessary. Apply some powder on your toothbrush and rub dry.

Silver Polish

Place an aluminum pan on the stove with your jewelry inside, add water just enough to cover accessories, once it reaches the boil sprinkle baking powder, the effervescence remove from heat and rub each piece with a dry cotton cloth.

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