One of the most common false beliefs Dubai drivers tend to believe in is that driving at night is safer because there is no heavy traffic and there are fewer vehicles on road, but in reality, it is the contrary. According to traffic safety researches, more accidents happen at night than a day. One study notes that fatality rates are three times higher at night than at day. Hence, if your work or lifestyle requires you to drive at night frequently, then it is a must that you be extra careful and cautious.

There is a variety of reasons why driving at night could be dangerous. Drivers could have limited vision, feel sleepy, intoxicated, or too confident. If you own a Jeep, and you don’t want to pay an untimely visit to your trusted Jeep repairs in Dubai, then make sure to be extra careful when behind the wheel.

Sleepiness – Drivers may feel tired, fatigued, and sleepy while driving at night since many of them are used to sleeping during this time. When a driver is feeling sleepy, chances are, he or she may fail to recognize and quickly react to sudden changes on the road. He or she is also at risk of completely falling asleep behind the wheel, which could lead to devastating results.

Intoxication – Drinking alcohol is more common during at night than day. As it is, some drivers have the tendency to drive under the influence of alcohol. Studies even suggest that the majority of traffic accidents at night are caused by alcohol intoxication.

Too much confidence – Since there are fewer vehicles traveling at night, some drivers tend to be more complacent and be more confident when driving. They may think that they can switch lanes from time to time, not recognize line markers, and even speed since there are only a few vehicles they are sharing the road with. However, this could result in a tragic accident once the driver fails to recognize abrupt changes in the traffic situation.

If you love or is required to drive at night, then you must practice all safety measures to make sure that you will arrive at your destination safe and sound. Below are some of the tips you would want to consider to protect yourself from harm.

Check your vehicle before driving – Before traveling, make sure that your car is in tiptop shape. Check the parts and functions, making sure that everything is working as expected. Check your car’s headlights, taillights, signal lights, windows, and brakes for any problem.

If you drink, do not drive – If you cannot help but drink alcohol, then do not drive at all. Aside from being unlawful, drunk driving is certainly deadly. Hence, it is best that you have a designated driver who will drive you home or to your next destination.

Do not smoke cigarettes – Cigarette smoke can potentially limit your vision at night. You don’t want to smoke covering your windshield, which could greatly affect your driving performance and efficiency.

Reduce speed –While your Jeep is built for tough challenges, you will still surely need to get Jeep repairs in Dubai if you crash it. Even though it is tempting to step on the pedal because there are only a few cars around, avoid speeding. When you speed, you would have limited window time to react when a sudden mishap happens in front of you. It is important that you follow the speed limit, stay on your lane, and recognize line markers.

Pullover if sleepy – If you are starting to get drowsy or fatigued, it is suggested that you pullover, park in a safe spot, and take a nap. A quick nap will restore your strength and energy, making you more aware of your surroundings and keeping you away from an accident.

You can avoid night driving accidents if you are more conscious of the road. Practice defensive driving and all necessary safety precautions and measures – at all times, regardless of the time and day.

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