Parents who were young adolescents back in early 1980’s probably tried the fictitious Mr. Miyagi’s ‘wax on/off’ technique as seen in the famous classic movie “The Karate Kid” (1984). Even though that movie is old, young children nowadays are still fascinated with this ancient art form, which had originated from Okinawa, Japan and travelled around the world, mostly through popular fictions and martial arts films.

How To Making Real Karate Kids

Widely influenced by Chinese martial arts, karate is more famously known for its powerful styles of punching, kicking, and making deadly use of body joints, like elbows and knees, to deliver knockout strikes on opponents.

The art of karate reached the Australian shores around 1960s, and in the mid-1980s, a dojo specializing in karate’s Shitoryu style emerged which offers to teach karate for kids in Melbourne.

How To Making Real Karate Kids

The Origins of Shitoryu Karate-Do Australia Shitokai

Kassis Karate Academy, or more internationally known as the name above, started with its principal instructor, Con Kassis, emulating his teacher and master, the creator of Shitoryu style’s first-born son, Kenei Mabuni, decided to teach this specific style to Melbourne’s adults and children alike by setting up a dojo to cater their insatiable appetite and passion to learn the art of karate.

The Academy is well-known and highly accredited, with its affiliations with various prestigious organizations such as the Australian and the World Karate Federation, the Asia Pacific and the World Shitoryu Karate Federation to name a few. It also widely recognized by institutions such as the Australian Sports Commission, and the International Olympic Committee.

What it Offers

Kassis offers programs that help not only develop your children’s skills in Shitoryu art, but also enhances their capabilities and knowledge in interacting with other people socially. The program also helps build discipline and great personal character in its students through learning this martial art.

Where is it Located

The Academy itself is located in Tullamarine, Victoria but there are several branches wherein you can enroll your kids in order to learn the art. These branches are scattered can be found in Keilor Downs, Deer Park, Girborne, Strathmore, Riddells Creek, and Romsey while associated clubs are located in Western Australia, NSW, and Queensland.

The Shitoryu Karate-Do Australia Shitokai is offering a free introductory class for those interested in registering their kids in the program. It is a great way of teaching your kids how to defend themselves and, at the same time, making their ninja dreams sort of true.

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