The time is running out, the due date is near and you are starting to freak out. By preparing these essentials, you might ease the stress of becoming a parent and bringing your newborn home. But bear in mind that the only thing your baby really needs is you and your love. Don’t spend too much money on all those cute things you see in shop windows. Be wise.

#1 – Diapers

No matter if you choose cloth diapers or regular ones, you should know which size to buy and when. You will sometimes have to change your baby’s diaper a dozen times a day, so make sure your supply of diapers is large enough.

#2 – Diaper Bag

You will not always be at home where you will have your diaper supply at hand and all the things you need to keep your baby calm and quiet. When you go out, you should carry a bunch of things with you – toys, bottles, spare clothes, wet wipes, and of course, the diapers. Buy trendy diaper bag with cheerful prints or chose the ones that look like typical handbags, it will go great with any outfit and you will still have everything at hand.

#3 – Bottles

The most important thing with baby bottles is their size: newborns need the 4-ounce size for start, but they grow out of it pretty soon. Afterwards you can buy some 8-ounce bottles as well; but you should make sure you have as many nipples as you do bottles. Wash them regularly to prevent bacteria from spreading.

#4 – Crib

In the beginning you many decide to have your baby sleeping in your bed, but it will not last forever. You will want to move your child to a crib come time in the first year, so having a crib somewhere close is good idea.

9 Baby Essentials You Must Have At Hand

#5 – Blankets

No matter what time of the year you give birth, baby blanket is something you will definitely use the most. Baby’s tummy always needs to be kept warm. Whether because it’s cold or if it has cramps. The warmth helps them and having something around them, touching them, gives them a sense of security. You can find baby blankets with different patterns and they can serve as a decorating detail in your nursery.

#6 – Baby Monitor

Preparing all these things before the newborn arrives will ease the stress after the birth. You will be calm, knowing that everything is ready. These are really the essentials and maybe you can add something of your own to the list. Your friends and relatives can also give you useful advice, but don’t take everything for granted. Only parents know what is the best for their baby.

#7 – Car Seat

Your baby’s safety should come first at all times, so you should make sure you have a car seat ready for travels and short trips alike. Better to be prepared and safe than worry about your baby’s safety and being at risk.

9 Baby Essentials You Must Have At Hand

#8 – Baby Stroller

For those wonderful sunny days when you want to take your child out for a walk and grab a chance to breathe some fresh air, you should have baby stroller ready. You will not be able to carry your baby all the time, and if it likes the sun and the fresh air, your baby may even fall asleep while being out.

#9– Highchair

Stooping to feel your child can leave you with back pain, and cleaning al the mess afterwards can drive you crazy. Simple highchair with wheels so you can push it from kitchen to dining room is a good choice, since it can also be cleaned up easily.

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