Processed foods have been considered as the cause of many health problems. In reality, they could clog our system and lock our body into fat-storing mode. Many people who struggle with weight loss often blame themselves for lack of willpower or discipline, but they could actually consume the wrong type of food. Processed food is inundated with a great deal of artificial substances that give it longer shelf life, extra sweetness, vibrant colors and admittedly, rather tasty flavour. Eventually, these chemicals could build up, causing problems with our body.

One thing that we need to do immediately is by cleansing our body of those harmful chemicals. Our body could benefit from berries, seeds, nuts, grains, veggies and fruits. When cleansing our body, we need to know how to eat properly. Other than eating organic, fresh food, we should also adopt predictable eating pattern. As an example, it is a bad idea to skip meal and when we skip meal, our body could think that we are deprived of food sources. It will switch to the starvation mode, as a built-in survival system that is programmed into our body. When our body thinks that it is starving, it will do things to protect us from starving, slowing down our detoxification attempts. First, our metabolism will be slower and our body can’t convert energy as fast as it was. We will feel weaker and burns less toxic-ridden fat layers.

How To Properly Detox Ourselves

Also, the food we eat after skipping meal too long will be converted mostly to fat, to further protect us from starving. So, it could mean that if we skip breakfast, we could convert much of the lunch to fat, instead of to forms that can be converted easily to energy. It means that it is possible to gain more fat by eating less. It is clear that such a situation won’t be acceptable in any detoxification process. When detoxifying our body, we should eat small meals with regular pattern. Our body will be able to process the healthy food and no more fat is produced. In fact, our appetite will decrease as our metabolism increase. People who perform proper detoxifying techniques could experience heightened endurance and stamina. Our body could return to more ideal shape and we will feel completely satisfied and full.

During the detoxification process, it is important to listen to our body, because it knows what is best for us. When we are hungry, it is the time to eat fresh, whole food and drink a lot of water. We should eat until we no longer feel hungry and before we feel full. It is really that simple and we could repeat it as necessary for the entire day. During the detoxification process, it is also a bad idea to perform exercise to burn the toxic-ridden fat layer. Our body burns fat to create energy and our body will begin to burn blood sugar during high-intensity physical activities. In this case, we need to reach the aerobic layer, that is when our body stops burning blood sugar, 30 minutes after the exercises starts.

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