SEO content marketing is the very important part, but now because of Google updates, content marketing is equated with the SEO. Content is considered as king. Good content can make visitors satisfied with the content and the people start sharing on social media.In this way we can make your visitors to promoters. Content marketing can easily grab the traffic for your website.many people are following the black hat technique to increase the traffic for their website. Content marketing providing you the best platform to increase traffic to their websites without violating the rules of Google guidelines.

The rules which must be followed to make quality content

  • The content should not be copied from any website
  • Including of many keywords in content
  • Focussing on a keyword in your content
  • Not providing relevant data as per your title
  • Use of proper grammar is very important
  • Don’t hide hidden text I your content
  • Don’t write very little data
  • Don’t focus on quantity of data
  • Focus on quality of data
  • Use correct format for your content
  • Avoid punctuation errors
  • Content should be informative
  • Content should be catchy and unforgettable

If you are content is good, then it will be share of people on different social media. It’s a help to build backlink to your website. 97% of leads are getting by the SEO services company by content marketing, for converting your 87% visitors to customers. 80% of business people maintain blog for content wrting and they feels good by maintaining their blog. About 50% of the visitors becoming customers because of content and many people are find that content is useful for getting information. The benefits which websites gets with content marketing are

  • More indexed pages in search engine
  • High quality content will get 97% more links

Before writing the content you must have detailed study about that. Then collect the information and according to that information select a catchy title for your content then write the content according to the title and it will be more informative. If once people have read your content then they will not forget your content. Your work is over here now your readers will become your promoters.

Content marketing helps you to grab maximum traffic when compared to any other techniques in SEO. While writing a  content you must have a detailed information about that topic. Don’t try to increase the content by using repitative words be specific and clear to the concept, descriptive and informative.

Its create an advantage when your author bio are added along with author image at the end of your content with author bio google+ link. Then its easy for the readers to trust on your content. They will read your other contents and they will get  some trust on your content and share your content on social media. Your readers will become your promoters and we no need to spend too much of time on other techniques to promote your business.Digital marketing services are doing the same to promote website.

By reading this content you have get an enough information which place content marketing is getting in SEO.