There is a controversial side that surrounds BMW engines and cylinder sleeves. We include oil consumption, sleeves dropping, excessive noise, etc. in the list. Liner sleeves experts have made surveys and now they will talk about the cons (if any) of using sleeves in BMW engines.

There is no disadvantage of using sleeves in BMW engines. The specified sleeves installed precisely will work seamlessly and provide more durability that you cannot expect from a non-sleeved block. Street builds, track builds, stroker builds, big HP forced induction builds are not the problems. There are manufacturers who have sleeved dozens of BMW engines in their machine shop and sold hundreds of BMW sleeves to the shops across the globe.

The only drawback people see is caused by poor installation practices. For instance, when you add any foreign object to the block, which had nothing in it to start with, logically we could say that block has been compromised. This can be proved right if done in wrong way.

Oil consumption is nothing. Several cases of oil consumption usually arise when the hone pattern is incorrect. However, noise is something about to worry. When you install sleeves with excess of piston to wall clearance, it sounds louder during warm up. It is because of the iron lining the cylinders. You can prevent it by watching the piston to wall clearance during the sleeves honing.

There are many reasons to support usage of cylinder sleeves. Most commonly, they are found in developed aluminum blocks. It is due to the fact that no wear and tear and sealing properties are needed unless it is coated. In higher performance applications, manufacturers prefer ductile iron cylinder sleeves as they are twice the strength of a standard cast iron sleeve. When engineers intend the sleeve properly, it fits well the block that eventually increase its strength.

If you are roaming around to find quality cylinder sleeves in your town, contact the reliable vendor today. You can also count on Liner Sleeves manufacturers that supply premium range of products across the world.

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