In all the rate of house chores, the ones that involve glass are probably one of the most annoying ones because of the delicacy of the material and the process that it requires. Luckily, there’s a new and easy process called DIY (Do It Yourself) that consists of learning and doing your own stuff, including cleaning like a pro.

There are certain cases, however, that will require some experts in the field to come along and help you with the job. Some specific types of windows and the location of some windows in the residential home or block of flats make cleaning them a more challenging task. If you are residing near Auckland, Window Cleaning Auckland can solve those cases, they have been on the market for years and know how to deal with different surfaces without problems.

How To Clean Windows Like Pro

If you are just facing some sliding doors at home, these are some tips you can follow to have your glass clean and shining:

1) Get the Time to find the Right Equipment

Investing some time and effort in finding the right equipment for your type of windows will guarantee better results. Sometimes the techniques are the correct ones, but the materials you are using do not help you get to your goal. Take some time and explore the options in the market. Right now there are a ton of products and appliances available to make cleaning windows easier. Read the labels, follow the instructions until you find what works best for you.

2) Bucket, checked

If you are going to use traditional methods and you are not going to use those modern vacuums that do not use buckets of water, then you have to find the right bucket. It has to be large, and rectangular if possible, you may want to dip your squeegee in it. If you are using a small rounded one, the squeegee won’t fit.

Good buckets are made of hard plastic that does not feel toasted when you touch it, it has to feel hard, so it keeps water inside without bending. Moreover, it has to be made of some resistant plastic so that if it falls, it does not break. Wheels and handle are going to be a major plus if they come with the bucket. In some other cases, you can buy them as accessories and improve the practicality of the bucket.

3) Squeegee, ready!

The squeegee is the key to the entire cleaning window process. There is nothing more effective in removing water from the glass with this simple tool. The regular squeegee has a rubber band and a fixed handle. More modern squeegees have different rubber bands and handle that move according to the place you are cleaning, so you can reach every angle of the windows.

Some other squeegees have small systems to recollect water as you clean, avoiding much dripping. And, they can also come with a spray system incorporated so that you don’t need an extra item to spray soapy water on your windows. There are squeegees with large extensions to reach those high windows without using a ladder. As we said before, take your time to find the one that works best for you before rushing into buying the biggest or the most modern one.

4) Good old soapy water

There are plenty of brands that will claim to have the best liquid to clean your windows and let them shine for months. Some other people may recommend homemade mixes like using vinegar and water. The best is to start with regular water and soap and check if this is enough for your type of windows and your type of dirt. If you find some dirty corners that need more than just soap, you can start trying different liquids and techniques to eliminate those nasty stains once and for all.

This information is not meant to replace any professional pieces of advice; they are just guidelines that will help you get better results. If you feel the task is too cumbersome, or if your windows are located in a risky area of your home, it will be a better idea to call a professional and pay for having somebody do the job.