Winter season is all about sub-zero temperatures, cold blizzards, icy tracks and short days. This is when your vehicle is too stubborn to start in the morning so it’s always better to prepare well in-advance. Overlooking the condition of your car would only get you in trouble especially when winter season’s at its peak.

Just as temperature start’s dropping, highways and the usual tracks deteriorate under the snow sheet which poses certain threat to your vehicle only if you’re driving unprepared. Exercise additional protection standards for your vehicle in almost every weather to keep your vehicle running efficiently throughout.

If you’re thinking to have the car service in Dubai where it’s dry and sunny mostly or somewhere else to make the most of the winter season, here’re a few helpful tips.

How To Keep Your Car Up & Running In Winter?

Maintenance per the instruction manual

In order to ensure good care of your vehicle, it’s important going through the instruction manual for maximum efficiency. The booklet that comes along with the vehicle includes essential details and guidelines on how to keep the car up and running in different weather conditions. All you need is following the instructions and preserve efficiency for safe driving.

Quality winter tyres

Since tyres are the only point of contact between the road and vehicle, it’s crucial installing the right pair made especially for wintery conditions. Taking any chance of driving on icy roads without securing the car with the right tyres can result in accident. Winter tyres are made of unique special rubber compound with deep patterns that grips the slippery road perfectly thus giving you a smooth and safe ride.

Inspect the battery

In case your vehicle is equipped with a substandard battery or even a standard-grade that’s working improperly, better change it else the car wouldn’t start during cold winter days unless giving a hard push. Apart from the winter season, old car batteries are only a call for trouble that may only leave you stranded on an empty road. Besides, nothing’s more annoying than a rundown car battery to get you late in a meeting or any other important errand.

Replace the coolants

Also keep checking condition of the coolants as they deteriorate with time. If you think that coolants in the car won’t support during winter or any other season per se, it’s better changing the entire mechanism and install new coolants for maximum productivity and optimum performance of the car. Rundown coolants also compromise safety of the engine and cooling system of the car so do pay attention.

Maintenance of the wipers

To keep the windshield clean and spotless, wiper blade performance is extremely important that must be nothing less than excellent. You’ll be unable to view the road properly with a foggy windshield during rain or snowfall that can eventually result in accident. So, always change the wiper blades if they aren’t performing up to the mark thus staying away from potential threats.


In addition to the tips, always consider having a car service in Dubai or any other place after every month or two for keeping the vehicle in top-most condition.

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