There is an increasing trend among both men and women who are seeking a permanent solution to get rid of unwanted hair: laser hair removal. But there are many myths out there surrounding laser hair removal. It would be a shame if one was deterred from removing unwanted hair due to these myths, as laser hair removal is generally a very safe and non-invasive procedure.

There are several types of lasers having different wavelengths. Doctors recommend the type of laser depending upon your skin type, hair color and hair texture. Now we could zap all the rumors about laser hair removal. Here, we aim to dispel just five of the most common myths concerning laser hair removal.

 1. Laser Hair Removal Can Actually Increase Hair Growth

This myth is patently false! Under no circumstances will a laser hair removal treatment stimulate increased hair growth. New hair follicles can form in the months and years following a treatment, but these are follicles that would have formed naturally regardless of the treatment. Remember, laser hair removal is designed to eliminate existing hair follicles – not prevent new ones from forming.

2. Laser Hair Removal is Unsafe

If done properly by a trained professional, on a proper machine, laser hair removal is 100% safe. The machine being used is important, and should be certified as safe by the proper regulatory authorities. We recommend that you enquire with the person conducting your procedure about their machine.

3. Laser Hair Removal in the Pubic Region can Cause Infertility

This is totally false! Standard laser hair removal machines do not emit radiation. Furthermore, the laser does not penetrate past the hair follicle – and certainly not deep enough to affect the organs.

Genital laser hair removal will not make you infertile.

4. You Can Get Permanent Results after One Session

Anyone who promises you this is misleading you. A full course of laser treatment must be completed over the course of several sessions. This is because hair grows and falls out in cycles, so dormant hair follicles must be given a chance to start growing before they can be removed.

5. Dark Skinned Women are not Candidates for Laser Hair Removal

It is true that laser hair treatments are typically most effective on lighter skinned women. This is the case because the laser detects the contrast in colour between hair and skin, and the skin and hair of darker skinned women tends to be similar in colour.

However, laser hair removal can still be effective for darker skinned women, including African American women. Recent advances in hair removal technology have made this possible. A full course of treatment may require more sessions, though.

Most of the people are now using laser hair removal method to have a hairless skin which are more appealing. They are entirely viable method for those who wishes for hair reduction. This shows how technology has increased in the field of science or cosmetic procedure. The myths surrounding the laser hair removal are plentiful but they are also not entirely true.

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