Human immunity : Immunity is what helps the biological part of our system to fight against any outside invasion of micro organism, and also to control the inflammatory effects certain foods or certain microbes or chemicals that we take in order to cure some other illnesses. Human immune system has to be kept in good health always as it makes the difference between a fit and healthy individual to a patient with poor health and all the symptoms of ageing and very dull looking body. When you are struggling with poor health the first guess would be that you may be having inflammation in one or other part of the body. This causes pain in the joints, increases stress levels, pain in the muscles and other organs which makes life difficult for you as well as depresses you with the nagging condition. There are many immunity boosting medications that are available in plenty in the medical market but they are made from chemical sources which might carry side effects if used for long term conditions.


The product :  The product that has been around millennia especially in the Chinese medicine cabinet happens to be the pure herbal formulation called Artemisia and the Chinese doctors have prescribed this for many hundreds of years and since Artemisia is an immunomodulator, it balances the immune system to work in the normal way and improves the functioning of the body in many ways. An immunomodulator helps in regulating the immune system to function normally and also to boost a poor immune system so that it can defend the body from attack of microbes or any other toxic substances. In some cases, the immune system would work in a hyper sort of way or it would be overreacting to certain foreign substances and here too, the immunomodulator sets the system to come back to where it is able to work normally.

The herb : The herb under discussion here is Artemisia Annua which is also called as sweet wormwood in local terminology, and the extract of the herb is what is used for the treatment. The plant is native to the temperate climatic regions in the Asian continent especially in China and other South Asian countries; however, it has the tendency to grow all over the world. The herb consists of feathery leaves and it also has very beautiful yellow colored flowers. This is used in the traditional Chinese medicines, TCM for short. It grows about two meters above ground level and has a very attractive look.

The properties : The product is administered as a herbal extract of the plant and has several credits to its name such as already mentioned, a immune regulator, it fights against viral infections and builds immunity where it has become poor and vulnerable to viral attacks, it promotes general health to a significant level. It has anti fungal properties, and most importantly, it carries anti cancer properties and when used it can also help in preventing cancer from forming in the system, even though confirmatory studies need to be carried out on this property of the herbal medication. The herbal extract work wonderfully to treat malaria and it has all the anti-ageing properties which are why it has become so much sought after in the Chinese medical system.

Economical! : As far as malaria is concerned, people from the west detest it as it gives so much trouble and the medication for malaria is very expensive. But, as Artemisia is an immunomodulator also, it is found in plenty and is an economical way of treat several such diseases.

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