Attacking strategies in netball are incredibly important, especially for players on the scoring half of the court. Perfecting attacking skills can strengthen a team and improve their overall success considerably.

Attacking strategies can be implemented on an individual basis and as a team effort and can be a very effective tool in gaining possession of the ball and keeping it. Netball drills that focus on mastering attacking strategies are an important part of any practice and coaches should be able to guide teams in a way that allows them to develop the necessary techniques.

Female Netball Attacking Strategies

These three strategies can be used to great effect and are an excellent way of attacking in a controlled, calculated way.


Although the player who has possession of the ball may not move their feet, all other players can use fancy footwork and dodging man oeuvres in order to try and intercept the ball. Weaving is a common attacking strategy, which sees players in the opposing team move quickly in between the side that has the ball, creating uncertainty as to where it’s safe to pass to.

Half Turn

This is a strategy that may require time to master and there are plenty of netball drills that can be used to refine this skill. The concept of the half turn is to work in a team, with the defender in the middle. The opposing team wont realise another two team members are ready and waiting to intercept the ball and whilst the defender remains in place, one team member turns half way backwards and the other goes forward, creating ample distraction.


One of the most common forms of attacking in netball, the fake, is easy to practice. Sites like offer information for creating drills in which this move can be practiced and it won’t take long to perfect it. As a player may only have the ball for three seconds before passing it, the fake is a great form of attack. To fake, a player needs to move their upper body but keep their feet still, forcing their opponent to pass in the opposite direction, only to realise that the move wasn’t as anticipated.

These strategies are an excellent start for any netball team and will certainly make a difference not only to the way they attack, but how they view defense too.

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