Are you looking for a new fence for your property? If you’re looking to protect and ensure the safety of your yard, block our pesky deer, or even just keep your pets inside, you will want to read this post on how to choose the right fence for your property.


If your number one goal is privacy, you will want to go with a fence that has little space in between the slats. This rules out most chain link and split rail fences. However, it leaves a lot of fence styles on the table – wood, vinyl, and iron fencing. You may want to look at “stepped” style fences. This is a special type of fence that looks like it was built sideways. It allows the fence to be built higher up.

How To Choose The Right Fence

Block Windy Weather

If the winds are blowing to hard against your house and knocking branches, dirt, and leave in your yard, you may want to consider installing a fence that blocks the wind. These types of fences have little to no space between the slats, like privacy fences. However, wind blocking fencing can be much more creative. We recently installed a wind blocking fence that was made entirely of glass. This was because our customer had a beautiful view and didn’t want it blocked by a fence.


If you have a pool, it is imperative that you also have a fence around it. Even if you don’t have small children or pets, deaths by accidental drowning are high. By having a pool on your property, you are liable for everyones safety, even when you aren’t home. The good thing about pool safety fences is that you can have temporary or removable ones installed.


If safety is your priority, there are a wide variety of fences you can have installed that will ensure your property, home, and family isn’t harmed. One of the most important features of a safety fence is height. Yes, making sure it is sturdy and unbreakable is key too, but a large fence will immediately deter criminals from trying to enter onto your property because they cannot see what is on the other side and it is hard to scale.


One of our biggest sellers arefences for dogs. Why? Dogs like to roam around. They don’t know the rules about having to stay on your property, especially if they are puppies. What is best about pet fences is that there are tons of different styles you can go with. Our most popular dog fence style is the chain link fence. It can be made at any height to fit any property.


We all love our gardens, but if you live in a deer infested area like I do, you probably see them trying to eat your plants all the time. To keep our deer and make sure your garden stays pristine, look at having a deer fence installed. Deer can jump very high (almost eight feet) so you will want to be very careful about your fence selection. The two most popular deer fence styles that we install are wood and chain link fences. These types of fencing can either go around your entire yard or just around your garden area.

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