If there’s one thing we’ve learned from Google’s updates so far, it’s that the worst thing you can possibly do is bury your head in the sand and pretend they aren’t coming. Not only are they very much coming, but they’re also becoming more frequent and more severe with each passing month. The best SEO companies are therefore in a permanent battle with Google to try and remain one step ahead of the game with SEO campaigns that work for the long haul and bring results.

Realistically, there’s no way of fully predicting what Google has in store the next time around or when said next time will arrive, so it’s a case of preparing for all outcomes from the earliest possible juncture. So from the same SEO outsourcing pros that spend their lives battling Google, here’s a look at a few tips when it comes to readying your site SEO-wise for what might be in store just around the next corner:

SEO Audits

From time to time, you need to invest as much effort and time as necessary in looking into your whole SEO strategy as it currently stands to see what’s safe and what isn’t. For example, using a link tracker to look into all the links currently spanning the web and pointing back to your website can be quite revealing.
Are you sure they’re all still of value and not doing you any damage instead? What if a host site has lost its authority with Google and is actually losing you credit? Punishments for spam links and the likes are becoming more severe every time, so set time aside to see what SEO you have in place – one that’s safe or to the contrary. Consistent SEO audits take time and a bit of a headache but could save you a much bigger trouble in the long run.

Content Overhaul

If the content of your website has remained static for weeks, months or years on end, it might be time to think about an overhaul. Of course it’s ok to leave the bits and pieces that never change, but anything that’s not entirely up to date or relevant to today’s industry or market needs to be refreshed. And what’s more, it’s also a good idea to check for any flaws in the general content as these are not looked upon kindly by the powers that be… not at all. Refresh your content and keep it unique as much as possible – your visitors will be thankful.
Keeping your content fresh helps your website as far as search engine optimization is concerned. Google loves fresh and up-to-date content, hence, you will win its favor by keeping your content timely.

Remember Your Audience

If it’s evident while reading through your site that you’ve been writing mostly with Google’s robots in mind, this is a habit you need to break and compensate for immediately. With each update, those sites that are found to be clearly trying to win over bots instead of readers are being dealt a firm spanking by the major search engines and slipping right down the rankings. Avoid and keyword stuffing and other such practices and you could see your website taking off in no time at all.

Continue With Caution

And finally, don’t take the threat of Google updates in the coming months as a sign you should back off SEO altogether. Instead, it’s a case of proceeding with caution and making sure that the SEO you use is the kind of organic, tried and tested SEO that’s 100% guaranteed to work in your favor no matter what Google has in store. Black-hat SEO you can throw out of the equation right now…it’s a risk not worth taking. Stick to quality content, be present on social media, encourage you client’s feedback and listen to your customers – you and your business will be rewarded for all the efforts made.

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