Playing video games can actually provide some benefits.  Can boost your memory, According to the several studies, video games can play a key role in cognitive skills in both children and adults.  Improved hand-eye coordination. You need to look at different ways for improving your health condition. Here are the benefits of playing video games.

Help you to Quit Smoking

When you play video games, pay special attention to the mental activity. specialized game tasks that do not require full engagement. A study by Brown University, American Society for Cancer and Stony Brok University, conducted in 2014, help to smokers reduce their dependence on smoking by playing video games.

Vision and Hand Eye Coordination

One of the best benefits of playing the video game is that it can improve your hand-eye coordination.  Improve your eyesight, especially in young children. But be careful with Playing continuously for many hours.

Reduce Pain

Video games will give players a break from reality. Scientists are the opinion that the human brain functions as a reflector, capable of focusing on a limited amount of information at a time. When our cognitive resources focus on mental play, pay less attention to external stimuli such as smell, sounds, and pain.

Reduce Anxiety

It has been found that children who have to play before an operation have no longer felt anxious. Moreover, when they woke up from anesthesia after surgery, help to reduce the sense of anxiety.

Fight against Depression

In one study, it was found that people who play video games daily they have benefited from mental and reduction in stress, an improvement in mood and an improvement in anxiety. Real changes in brain activity have been monitored in people who play regularly. After just 20 minutes of play, players simultaneously showed increased cardiac rhythm and a decrease in left frontal cerebral waves. Participants who spent 20 minutes surfing the Internet they did not experience any improvement in mood or heart rate.

Make you more resilient/Optimistic

Video games help you to translate into another world. A team of 25 scientists from Europe and North America recently reported that people who play 9 hours or more every week have a larger volume of gray matter in the brain. Neurologist Judy Willis explained this process and suggested to try different strategies,  change your long-term mentality. Your brain can handle more challenges, Think of a situation in which you are afraid of failure.

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