If you are about to have a new garage door installed by Garage Door Repair San Francisco, a sectional door will be among your many options. This type of door is offered in traditional and modern designs. This is one of the most common types of residential garage doors offered. It provides you with plenty of choices in style and design, it is secure and comes in lots of materials, finishes and colors. This type of door is also easy to open and is safe. It does require space in front, to open. We know that with all of these options, we’ll be able to give you the door that you want.

Sectional Door Materials

There is also no limit to the choices of materials that sectional doors are offered in. They come in steel, timber, fiberglass and aluminum. There are some things to take into consideration when determining which materials to use for your sectional door. If you live in a coastal area, there are certain materials, such as wood, which you should steer clear of. This wouldn’t be a practical choice given that elements of the sea can damage a wooden door. Instead, a more practical choice would be steel or fiberglass door. Let our experts help you determine just which materials will be a good fit for your home based on location.

Sectional Garage Doors

Most Common Materials


This type provides durability and is very secure. Some are even made to look like wood. It is usually a more practical choice than a wood door because it offers easy maintenance. It does not chip or crack. They are made with galvanized steel and do not rust. Although it is more expensive than some other types of doors, it is well worth the expense because of how long they last.


The wood doors are aesthetically more attractive than the steel ones, and are preferred by some homeowners. They are typically made of solid wood panels or plywood over a wood frame. Those made of wood do not last as long as the ones made of steel but they are less expensive.


The doors made of aluminum have similar advantages like that of the steel doors. They can be designed to give the appearance of wood. They also do not crack or rust. This type is also a fairly inexpensive option.

A Good Choice

There are numerous reasons to choose a sectional garage door, such as price, sizes, finishes, designs, colors, and window choices. There is no way you can’t find a sectional door that you’ll love. They offer the best quality and are reasonably priced to suit any budget. You are certain to find one from one of the well-known, manufacturers in the industry, who will also offer a warranty. This is a great way to find out just how secure and durable the sectional door you choose actually is, by the warranty offered. We are available to help you with selecting a brand new sectional door for your home. With so many options, our experts will streamline the process so that it is not an overwhelming process.

Price of Garage Door Opener Repair

This often can become more expensive than purchasing a new one. Smart choices have to be made whenever you come across this situation. Door track adjustments, tightening of bolts, and fixing the sensor’s beam are minor repairs required for an opener. Minor repairs do not cost more than a hundred dollars, especially if completed by yourself and whenever there are available spare parts in your facility. If garage service providers are needed for repairs, the price will not really equate the cost of having a newly installed garage, but will be far more costly than doing it on your own. Still it will all depend on the degree of damage of the door obtains. In most cases, these service providers give advice as to whether to continue with a costly repair or have a new one installed. A clear quotation on the charged materials and provided service will be very helpful in deciding which one is more beneficial for you.

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