Expected to be released sometime this year i.e. late 2011, the Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman is one of the highest awaited cell phones of the year. Music has been heard in cell phones since nearly a decade now and it has become common and much loved to have music in the cell phone. However, nothing has been as successful as the walkman phones from Sony Ericsson. Usually, cell phone manufacturers had to step in the world of cellular services and gadgetry, establish themselves and then earn a good name. The good thing with Sony Ericsson was that it launched itself as a competitor for Nokia and has since been one of the best known brands in the world of mobile phones.

Today, smartphones and tablets are in. It has become common amongst people to use social networking websites, messengers and emails, play games and listen to music in something which is handheld. Video games and computers have not gone out of fashion but the love of people for gadgets has made these items a bit, too popular. When today something is handheld, it means a cell phone. Hence, people working in the telecommunications sector found it best to integrate all these features with something that could also allow for calling, texting and receiving calls. Thus, cell phones were revolutionized. One of the revolutionaries is Sony Ericsson which is now going to release yet another walkman phone that has been labeled as Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman. In the world where handheld computers are rather in, this company has planned to launch a walkman. It must surely have something which can capture the market and play an important role amidst tablets and smartphones. For sure, the 16M capacitive touch screen is one of the major validations for this one being technologically advanced. Moreover, the auto-rotation system and auto-turnoff sensor make it comparable to modern tablets and smartphones. The scratch resistance surface and multi-touch input method further make it truly remarkable. The walkman phone will come with a 3.5mm jack, loudspeakers with stereo speakers and Sony xLoud enhancement. The alerts of Live with Walkman will have MP3 ringtones as well as an option for vibration. Call records would be unlimited and so would be the fields and entries. The option for photocall is open too. Sony Ericsson’s new walkman will be having a 320MB of internal storage with a 512MB RAMs and also allow for memory card of up to 32GB or microSD. Typical of most modern smartphones, WLAN, Bluetooth, GPRS, USB, EDGE and 3G will also be available. The camera of this phone is truly out class, thus making it a perfect choice for lovers of photography. It is a 5MP camera with auto-focus and LED Flash and allows for geo-tagging, touch focus, smile and face detection and image stabilization. Secondary camera and video are also facilitated.

In addition, the walkman phone can also be used as a high-tech computer like all other smartphones. Even though Sony Ericsson has come with a world class smartphone, it is unclear why the term ‘Walkman’ has been applied to it. Isn’t it a typical smartphone?

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