The Series 9 of Samsung laptop is an attempt to break away the market of MacBook Air of Apple. However this laptop has been able to give a tough time to the Dell Adamo. If comparing the price of this Series 9 laptop with that of MacBook Air, it is slightly expensive. However the quality of the hardware that this laptop constitutes is high. Comparing it with its competitor, the Samsung takes advantage because of its processor. This is because the processor that is provided in Apple is Core 2 Duo. This processor was introduced a long time back and has now become old.

On the other hand, the processor constituted in this Series 9 laptop is Core i5 2637M. This is among the new processors that have been introduced in the market. In addition, this laptop of Samsung Series 9 is speedier comparing to the Apple MacBook Air. The difference between the speeds Samsung Series 9 and Air may not be surprisingly different, but still it can be observed easily. One of the reasons for this could be the different between the designs of the chips of both these computers. Although the chip in both these laptops is of Intel but the newer can reach up to the Turbo Mode Speeds of 2.3 GHz.

This Samsung Series 9 has been able to achieve the score of 103 of WorldBench. On the other hand the Apple got the score of 90. There is also the difference between the RAMs of both, Samsung has been provided with 4GB Ram while Apple has 2GB RAM. The battery time that this Samsung Series 9 offers is 5.5 hours. This time has been calculated in the test that was conducted for this laptop. If compared with other netbooks, it is not much but still can be competed with many computers.

This Samsung Series 9 lags behind with its competitor, Apple if considering about the 3D games. Although, there have been many changes brought in the Intel graphics comparing with the older ones however there is a need to make more improvements to it. If you play the older games on this laptop, the laptop will perform very well. The quality of the older games on the Samsung Series 9 would almost be similar to that of MacBook Air. However if the new versions of games are played in it, the visual quality would be badly affected.

Overall, the body of the laptop is nice and attractive. The display screen of the laptop is 13.3 inch in size. The resolution of the screen is 1366 by 768. The screen of the laptop is absolutely colorful and sounds appealing. If you have a lot of typing work, then this is the most suitable laptop for you as it is extremely easy to type on the keyboard of this computer. On the whole, the laptop is attractive and impressive. It has great looks and appeals to the users. In addition, it certainly has given a tough time to its competitor MacBook Air.

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