The internet has revolutionized the way most business conduct their business activities; from fast communication, to access of huge variety of data, etc. But with those advantages, the internet has also led to such security concerns, such as data loss, and reduction of employee productivity. If you are facing similar concerns, in your day-to-day operations of your business then you should consider internet management software. Internet guard is one such software that will allow you to monitor the productivity of employees, keep your data safe, among other features.

The Interguard comes in three individual modules which perform different functions: sonar for employee monitoring and web filtration, datalock for prevention of data loss, and laptop cop for the protection of content on a stolen laptop. With Interguard, you can have complete access and control over the information used in your organization, plus the ability to monitor the websites visited by your employees, and the programs used by them. With these options you can be able to boost employee productivity, and ensure the complete security of data in your computers.

Internet guard is designed to be user friendly. Once you set up the software on your computer you get access to its “dashboard” which gives you a great deal of information and control over what happens in the computers networked in your organization. For instance, you can access all emails (corporate and webmail), the documents created/amended, software applications used, just to mention a few. As a way to ensure that employees concentrate on their duties, Internet guard is able to block any undesirable websites and software applications. In addition to that, you also get a video play back of their workstations. All the data recorded acts as incontrovertible evidence, if you decide to take legal action against any individuals who violate company policies.

To keep your data secure, internet guard will scan every file on your networked computers, after which it will detect and block any unauthorized attempts to transfer data from your organization, through USB devices, email, web postings, etc. It also has an innovative feature that allows you to keep track of data in the event of a laptop theft. With internet guard, you can be able to track, identify, and control the data found on a stolen laptop. The best thing about this internet management system is the cost. The system can be bought with its collective modules, or individually. So you can get the best value for money based on the type of module functions you want.

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