we adapted our workgroup server to the most recent adaptation of Ubuntu – Feisty Fawn – and so far we’ve been blessed with it. We’re a little backward in updating, admitting that was primarily us actuality accurate on a assembly machine. The capital acumen for updating, actually, was due to an affair with PHP.

We’ve been accomplishing some assignment in PHP afresh that makes use of the GD library to do some absorbing cartoon manipulations. One of the apparatus of the activity fabricated use of a accuracy blush for an angel resource, and it seemed like there may accept been a bug in the imagefill function: bushing with a blush of -1 acquired the php processor to segfault. What was odd, was a altered adaptation (on my Mac), wasn’t abolition at all. This prompted the amend to the most recent Ubuntu. The most recent version, 5.2.1, apparent the botheration and we were acceptable to go.

Doing an Amend (from Edgy to Feisty):

A administration advancement with Ubuntu is cake: artlessly adapt your /etc/apt/sources.list book and alter “edgy” with “feisty”. Next, amend the sources account (apt-get amend will do it), and assuredly do a dist-upgrade (apt-get dist-upgrade). Check out this commodity for added details, as able-bodied as how to do a dist-upgrade application the GUI.


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