When the first iphone was launched in 2007 by the apple company, many prospect users and buyers were excited to go and check it. A good number of users actually get one for themselves because of high expectations from this highly modeled cell phone that is most likely derived from the Newton message pad, as well as from the apple company. However, these expectations slightly went down because of some factory issues concerning the ability of the iphone. Expecting something really good from this device and being disappointed is really hard to pass through when, more than ever, the buyer seriously saves money to get this phone. Listed below are just some of the common problems that the iphone user deals with.
• Dropped calls: This is a serious problem to deal with, most likely if the user is a business person with hectic or tight appointments to arrange over a phone call if permitted. It simply drops any call in a middle of conversation even if the area has wide signal coverage. It can also drop calls even if there is no noticeable movement made by the caller. This dishonorable problem is unbearable for those who lack patience and are always on important phone calls concerning business because the user’s life can be greatly affected by a single connectivity problem of the cell phone he is using. With all of this connectivity issues, the user has no other choice but to contact iphone’s carrier, the AT&T Company.

• The battery life: The iphone’s battery life is unfortunately poor. It cannot stand a day of a normal usage. The batteries easily pass out, which is very disappointing. How will the user utilize its applications if the battery life is relatively weak? Obviously, there is no one who would like to use cell phones that are designed for more gaming and application exploring if its battery will just die quickly. What is the sense? Another thing is this can be a major problem with travelers requiring a long lasting cell phone battery. One of the travelers’ necessities is to keep in touch or contact with the people that knows the place where they’re going. For that reason, iphone may not be a relevant company in travelling. Some useful tips for the iphone users to save battery life is to switch off insignificant features that are not in use like Bluetooth, 3g feature, and wifi.

• Freezing issue: Not only laptops and personal computer freeze or hang; iphones can also freeze radically. This may be the effect of some applications running simultaneously in the program that more over causes the phone to freeze. One way to avoid this problem is to lessen multitasking and close the programs that are irrelevant in the activity. However, this problem can be fixed by forcibly shutting down and restarting the system, the user just needs to hold down the power button until it turns off.
These are just some of the common problems that prospect buyers should go over before buying. But still, the apple company will surely fix these problems in launching new iphone models.

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