Inspite of wide selections of Android phones that are widely available in the market this Motorola droid has become popular because of great features it has. This has a clear LCD screen display and provides a fast web browsing and this is also great for text messaging together with improved contact management. With this Motorola droid you can experience high quality talk time and this has faster performance in terms of browsing this mobile phone. With an advanced style together with excellent display Motorola droid is surely has an exquisite design that every individual could ask for.

The phone itself has smooth surface and sharp edges that look elegant like those Android smartphones that are available in the market. This Motorola Droid is filled with surprises just like its innovative WVGA display. With a 3.7inch LCD screen that is truly amazing for viewing video clips as well as photos and its colors is supported with 16 million hues together with high resolution of 440 x 854 pixels that is perfect for displaying videos and images. Because of its LCD display it produces sharpest graphics that uses vibrant colors. This smartphone has 2.36 in width and 4.56 in length together with its slim design this is surely very convenient to use.

Motorola droid has a touch interface that response very quick and with its multi-touch capabilities it is easier for the user of this mobile phone to browse on its menu. Just like any Android smartphones you’ll have an option on whether to turn off the feedback systems. This has a very convenient keypad as well as controls which are designed with separate controls for the Menu, Home, Search and Back. Motorola droid is designed with QWERTY keyboard that will help users to type much faster especially when texting or sending emails.

The letter on the keyboard is large enough and also has a support powerful backlight that is great for dialing even when you are on the dark place like on bars and clubs. To add more additional controls this also has a Shift Keys and Alt, with menu keys that are easy to press. With the Droid software in this smartphone it helps to make process data in a much faster pace compared to any droid mobile phones. There are also preloaded Widgets that are available in this device especially for power and setting controls that makes it easier to turn off any wireless connections and easier to adjust the brightness of this device. If you want a phone that is very elegant looking and has numbers of functions with tons of features then this Motorola droid is the perfect phone for you.

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