When we are talking about villains, we know that they are essentially normal human being. The Green Goblin, Joker and Lex Luthor are actually normal men. They have their own ambitions and excessive ego. These people are often less than endearing, especially due to bad intents towards superheroes and often, the rest of the humanity. They often behave like mad scientists, evil dictators and cunning deceivers. They have core values that connect them with one another. They can be so threatening that with only a press of the button, they could cause countless and immeasurable suffering among many people. In some cases, these villains can be so diabolical, that they are at times more interesting than superheroes themselves. It appears that these villains consider their encounter with superheroes as part of their destinies and they want to make a criminal act of the century. Because these villains are normal human with no superhuman abilities, they need to compensate by using very smart tactics and advanced technology.

Spiderman and Green Goblin may have among the most complex relationship between a superhero and villain. Unlike Lex Luthor and Jack Napier (Joker), Norman Osborn isn’t an evil individual. However, he shares one characteristic, which is an immense ambition to achieve is goal. This leads to the creation of battle gear that turns him into the Green Goblin. While Osborn continues to be benevolent towards Parker, he harbors deep hatred towards Spiderman. This creates an interesting situation and even more so, when Green Goblin learns about the true identity of Spiderman. Like any superhero, Spiderman is also presented with a dilemma when he confronts Green Goblin. Things can be problematic for superheroes when dealing with evil villains. They may sometimes need to choose between the death of an innocent passerby or saving their girlfriend. This is a common way for villains to take advantage of the superheroes. Regardless of what happen, women are often their biggest weaknesses.

Superhero stories are often about big dilemmas and difficult choices. In this situation, villains often have the upper hand. The hero is reeling and all hopes seem lost. But then, an unexpected situation occurs and the villain makes a seemingly small mistake that has a big implication. The big confrontation between superheroes and villains often involve the women that superheroes really love. The canon storyline of Superman shows us the death of Lois Lane and this brings one more dilemma for Superman. Jor El has said that Superman is forbidden to interfere with the human history. He needs to seriously consider whether it’s really necessary to follow the command of his late father. Despite his traumatic past, Bruce Wayne doesn’t succumb to deep revenge and hatred. The canon storyline shows us that Joker was actually the murderer of his parents. After the death of Joker, Wayne has one more dilemma of whether he should remain Barman and stay with Vicky Vale, the woman that he loves. It’s interesting to see how superheroes need to juggle between the safety of the world, the villain and the women they love.

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