It is important for us to have an ideal bodyweight. Having too low bodyweight isn’t a good thing and there are a number of foods that can help us to gain bodyweight more easily. Just because we want to gain weight, it doesn’t mean that we can splurge on junk food that is rich in saturated fat, refined carbs, sodium and not much else. We should do this carefully by eating the proper type of food. Additional weight should be acquired from healthy food and once we do it properly, we won’t overdo it after we reach our ideal bodyweight. It all starts from breakfast and we need to refill our body with enough calories for at least half of the day. In this situation, our body often craves for calories and it becomes naturally insulin sensitive.

When we are underweight, it is a good idea to start training with weight, because we will be able to exercise the little muscle we have. Instead of packing the fat layer throughout our body, it is much better if we have heavier muscle mass. We will be much healthier and we will also have better basal metabolism. It is a good time for us to build the problem muscle quality. After a workout, our body is ready to absorb some amount of calories, specifically from sources like lean protein and unrefined carbs. While we have less fat in our body, we should consider it a good window of opportunity to set up a healthy foundation for our body. We will have more muscle mass and thinner fat layer in our body.

So what we should eat? One of the good foods that we can eat when we want to gain weight healthily is potato. It often gets the bad rap due to the presence of white starch that can increase the blood sugar level. However, it is still a good source of carb, especially when combined with lean protein. Compared to sugar, starch is a complex carb and won’t be a big problem, as long as we are sensible enough with the amount of portion. We could eat different kinds of potato, but the more colourful variants are chock full with antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients. We need enough calories to help our body builds the necessary mass to accumulate enough weight, so potatoes should be good enough choices.

Egg is also a great source of nutrients and protein. However, it is often blamed for the increased cholesterol level on our blood. Sensible consumption of egg should be good to ensure that our body gets enough nutrients. Don’t consume more than a couple of eggs each day and we should also make sure that the rest of ingredients in our meal don’t contain too much cholesterol. Ground lean beef is also an amazing source of protein without giving us too much cholesterol. Other types of meat like goat, venison, alligator and kangaroo are also lean and contain less fat than beef.

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