It can be difficult to recover from any type of foot injury or foot surgery. People rely on their feet for so much. They use them to go from point A to point B. They use them to support their bodies. The list is long. If you’re looking to recover from foot surgery or a foot injury with maximum ease and success, however, there are certain things you can do. The proper precautions may have you back on your feet and in action in practically no time.

Surgeon’s’ Instructions

The Foot Surgery and Injury Recovery ProcessesSurgeons generally advise patients to refrain from bearing their weight post-surgery. If you’re recovering from surgery, you probably should keep your affected foot far away from the ground at all times. Weight can be seriously problematic for feet that have undergone surgical procedures. It can sometimes even reverse progress. Bones are like any other body parts. Time is vital for proper and efficient bone healing. If you overwhelm your foot with weight immediately after surgery, you could risk interfering with critical healing functions.

Being temporarily non-weightbearing doesn’t necessarily call for staying in bed helpless and vulnerable 24 hours a day, however. There are numerous convenient mobility choices available to people who are in the middle of the recovery process. Examples of these are seated scooters, knee scooters and, last but not least, crutches.

Mobility Choices

Seated scooters are significantly more compact than wheelchairs. They give users the opportunity to depend on their own strength to travel from one spot to another. They’re frequently equipped with useful accessories including cup holders and baskets as well.

Knee scooters have a lot in common with seated scooters. Some people refer to them as “knee walkers.” These scooters feature wheels and knee pads. They come with handlebars that enable users to steer and take control of balance. Common accessory options are non-skid wheels, cup holders and baskets.

Crutches are yet another popular choice for people who want to be mobile after foot surgery. People frequently rely on axillary crutches. These are often constructed using either aluminum or wood.

The Importance of Abiding by Surgeon Guidelines

It’s critical for patients to always pay careful attention to their surgeon’s’ instructions. Failure to do so can often lead to negative consequences. It can extend the healing process considerably. It can sometimes even lead to unpleasant complications. You should always do what your surgeon asks of you. If he or she tells you to see a podiatrist and look into your options in orthotic shoe inserts, you should do so.

Recovery Time Possibilities

It’s impossible to accurately predict how long you may take to recover from a foot injury or surgery. People are all different. Recovery times always vary. So many different factors come into play. If you have soft tissue trauma, it may take you anywhere between six and eight weeks to fully heal. If you have a foot sprain, the healing process could potentially be a little shorter. It may take you between two and six weeks to heal fully. Foot fracture healing times can be hard to guess. Some people completely recover from foot fractures in six weeks. Others, however, have recovery times of upward of twelve weeks or so.

Other Helpful Recovery Suggestions

Foot injury and surgery recovery isn’t just about avoiding use of your affected foot. It’s also about taking it easy in general. If you want to recover like an expert, you should try to get as much rest as possible. You should also make a point to consume a healthy and well-rounded diet. It can even help to maintain a positive attitude. If you want to recover quickly and with ease, you should look on the bright side of things whenever possible. A positive approach can do so much for your spirits.

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Guest post is courtesy of Dr. Michael K. James and his team at Teton Foot & Ankle Center located in Idaho Falls, ID. With a state of the art clinic and a certified surgeon at the lead, Teton Foot & Ankle Center can help alleviate the pain and discomfort you are having and get you back to enjoying life sooner.


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