Precious metals tend to be gold, silver, and platinum—however, there are some other metals that aren’t considered precious, but they are desirable. Copper is one of the most useful and versatile metals. It’s most commonly used for wiring, and it’s also quite expensive. Steel is another metal that is sought after. It’s incredibly common, but the process to refine it is a little bit taxing. Oftentimes, it’s cheaper for an organisation to recycle their steel than process new materials. Pretty much every metal has a price which tends to fluctuate often, like other commodities. If you’re looking to get rid of some things around your house, you should take them to a scrapyard, where they can be turned into money.

Car Breakers

Obviously, your car is probably the biggest piece of metal you own. Cars tend to be made of about four or five different kinds of metal, but all of them have a price. The engine block alone is several hundred kilograms. That’s worth a decent amount of money. Car breakers in West Midlands can offer you competitive prices for your car. If the car is totalled and you don’t want to pay to fix it, scrapping it is your best option. You’ll get it off your hands and make some money in the process.

Other Items

Appliances are probably the next largest source of metal around your house. Your washer and dryer are likely made of metal and quite heavy. If they’ve quit functioning or if you just want to replace them, scrapping them can give you some money to put towards buying new appliances. There are also smaller items that can be worth a decent amount of money, including bicycles, toasters, microwaves, and other small appliances. They’re not the most lucrative items, but you definitely won’t get any money if you just throw them away.

Recycling your metal items is a great way to help the environment and make some extra money.

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