There are various ways to build an eco-friendly home without spending a lot of money. Installing efficient fixtures is a smart move because environmentally friendly houses outsell conventional houses by 9 percent.

The Foundation

An eco-friendly house needs a solid foundation that has airtight seals. Building an airtight home is not cheap, but the efficiency features will help you save a lot of cash every year. This includes making sure all of your windows and doors are also sealed properly. Making sure your home is properly sealed will help your air conditioner and furnace run at optimal efficiency ensuring that you are not losing any air to the outside world.

Alternative Construction Materials

Wood is a very eco-friendly material because it retains heat better than bricks or blocks. To help the environment, build the home out of recycled woods. Then, insulate each area with straw, wool, or denim. Insulation is very important when it comes to heating and cooling your home. To prevent costly problems down the road, test the entire home for leaks immediately after the insulation is installed.

House Building 101: How To Best Build Your Own “Green” Home

Alternative Energy Options

Over the last few decades, energy costs have increased dramatically. The prices will continue to rise because natural resources are depleting. By installing solar panels in your home, you can turn solar energy into electricity. Once enough energy is stored, you can use it to power your lighting and small appliances.

Install Efficient Faucet Fixtures

According to environmental experts, water scarcity is a huge problem in many domestic locations. However, you can help solve this problem by installing innovative faucets that use less water. For example, many manufacturers make electronic faucets that only run water when a sensor is activated. However, to save even more water, a plumber must inspect all fixtures for leaks throughout the year.

Install Efficient Lighting Fixtures

The lighting fixtures that you choose will affect your monthly energy costs. To keep your energy bills low, install eco-friendly, solar outdoor lighting in all outdoor areas because they use 75 percent less energy than conventional bulbs. They also tend to last for longer periods of time which will allow you to save money on buying new light bulbs.

You can also lower your energy costs by placing windows in key locations. If natural light shines into your home, you won’t have to turn on different light fixtures during the day. A skylight is a great option too if the home has a large ceiling. This will allow you to turn off any unnecessary lights. The skylight will also provide you with the personal satisfaction of seeing the beautiful sky, whether it is day or night.

Other Considerations

After the home is built, you may need a shim to fill a gap between certain objects. For example, if your home was built on uneven property, a slim can support a wobbly table. Make sure that you have some of these tools for your home building from a reputable company.

Overall, to build a good home, you must include eco-friendly features like solar outdoor lighting. If you implement each procedure correctly, your energy costs will be low each month.