SSSTS is an acronym for the Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme. The CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) gives the highest weight to the SSSTS training for the budding site supervisors in the UK while the experienced lot too benefits from here.


SSSTS training purview:

Well, you will surely love to know how you will be benefitted by attending SSSTS training before you actually choose SSSTS training at locations in Essex. Because, every penny and time count in life. Here are a few points that will enlighten you on this.

  •  Legal aspect: You get an introduction to the legal responsibilities as a site supervisor. The SSSTS training, therefore, armours you with the knowledge of your duties and responsibilities in accordance with the provisions of the law in the UK.
  •  Safety: Safety at the construction site always remains high on agenda. Because, any mishap can happen at the construction site unless adequate precaution is taken there. The SSTS training gives you the right acumen by honing your skills.
  •  Knowledge: Knowledge is power to you. As such, to become a successful site supervisor or a ganger, you must know the pros and the cons of the job. The SSSTS training gives you the right knowledge for the purpose. For instance, how you should go about the onsite safe supervision, monitoring of functions, toolbox, risk assessments, and briefing of the methods etc.
  •  Grooming: Grooming is an integral part of the SSSTS training. For instance, you will be groomed for talking to the Site Manager for maintaining the onsite safety.

Can I attend the SSSTS training?

Well, this may be your question. The answer is a flat YES. Because, anyone aspiring to become a successful site supervisor in life can join the training. Again, the people already in the job of a site supervisor can look forward to honing their skill sets. It will start yielding rich dividends to all those experienced supervisors soon for sure. Because, you need continuous education for career advancement in today’s time.

But, finding a good institute a.k.a. location in Essex for the purpose may be a problem for you. Because, there has been the mushrooming of SSSTS training at locations in Essex over the last couple of decades or so in view of the ever-growing demand for the SSSTS trained supervisors in the UK. Here is a guideline on finding the best SSSTS training locations in Essex.

1)      Reputation: Always check the reputation of the SSSTS training at locations in Essex over anything else. It will go many miles in your favour for your career advancement. Moreover, a fresher will get the due weight while applying for the job of a site supervisor if passed out from a reputed institute.

2)      Course: The core subjects taught and the duration also bear weight for your career. Check the course details in advance.

3)      Assessment: Your institute must issue a certificate post the assessment. The certificate carries a validity of two years.

Go for the SSSTS training at locations in Essex that have carved out a name and fame in your niche market.