Everyone has a dream of buying a car in their life. But due to the growing rates of the car market and increasing car rates makes one unable to buy a new car. But, this can be fulfilled by owning a second- hand car. Buying a second-hand car is exciting and terrifying at the same time. Used cars will also give a good experience to the new buyer in both cost and performance wise.

The market for used cars in India is a massive one. There are many things are there to consider while buying a new car Some best tips for buying a used car are,

Inspect the car and its papers inspected thoroughly

 First, the buyer has to check the car thoroughly with the help of a mechanic. This will help to fix any problems in the car before purchasing it. This will also help the buyer to negotiate some price. Similarly, the buyer has to check the insurance papers of the car thoroughly. Through this buyer will be able to indicate any accident claims released to it.

One way to easily inspect the insurance papers of second-hand cars is to note the NCB percentage applied. If the NCB percentage is higher, the car is better to buy. Also, the buyer has to know from the mechanic how to check a used car engine. This will help you for future use. This will also make the car to run for a long period of time.

Clean and fix the car before using it

 One should clearly clean the used car and fix it errors before start using it. Tips for buying used car in India suggests that a thorough clean up of both interior and exterior will help to maintain the car in good condition. The lifetime of a car depends on the regular change of fluids and oils. The important thing to do after buying a used car is to change the fluids of the car before going to use it.

Transfer of Registration Certificate

This is the important thing to do while buying a second-hand car. For this, the buyer should have to fill in the registration form and submit it to the RTO office. This form should be signed by both the previous and current owner. After the form is submitted, the local RTO initiates the transfer. After the transmission is done, the new owner has also taken care of the insurance policy of the car.

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