Depending on your previous education experiences, the cost of homeschooling may either sound like a burden or a relief. Homeschooling parents spend approximately $900 on each student, per academic year. Bear in mind that this number can vary greatly depending on the style of homeschooling that you and your family decide to use. For instance, online homeschooling versus the unschooling method, the cost will vary as the materials for each differ.

Costs to Consider When Budgeting for Homeschooling

There are many costs to consider when budgeting for or considering homeschooling and for this reason there are many variable factors that may affect the true cost of homeschooling your child. Homeschooling is cheaper than sending your child to private school, but more expensive than sending them to public school. That is why depending on your previous experiences with schooling, the cost of homeschooling may either be a blessing or a curse.

Online Education vs. In-School Cost Effective?

The most significant costs to consider with regards to homeschooling is curriculum. Depending on the type of curriculum you choose for your child the cost of homeschooling could either be high or low. For example, choosing online courses may save you money on textbooks, workbooks and other activities.

You must then also consider home library costs, membership fees, testing fees, cost of extracurricular activities, and much more. Do not forget about other miscellaneous school supply costs, field trips and any extra tutoring that you might find necessary. The main point is that homeschooling does cost you money – it is not free. However, the costs can be significantly less than that of private schools and so you must weigh your options accordingly. If you are a family that is going from a double income to single in order to homeschool, you should also factor in this loss of income. Homeschooling can be very beneficial for both the child and the parents, as well as their relationship, and is therefore worth a serious consideration by all. If you are interested in online homeschooling be sure to check out for all of your homeschooling needs.