As long the body is moving, exercising could be considered free, with the various workouts that just require you to move your body such as pushups and sit-ups. Nevertheless, UK citizens specifically in London have gone an extra mile to dig in their pockets and pay for high-end luxury gym memberships to get that fitness. Here is a list of top-notch gyms and posh car rental services to move around the elite gym members around. London UK is a prestigious city and with the 5 star VIP gyms, alongside 14cars car rental services, you can definitely easily swap between your work, family and keeping fit at your favorite private gym. Gym members are giving gym memberships to their young adult children as birthday gifts. Keep fit in style.

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  1. Equinox

From the outside, it looks just like any other posh house in London. It doesn’t have a sign at the door as most VIP gyms. But as you get in, you can feel the the intimacy and touch of class as it also looks like a posh house in the inside. The gym area is quite big and open, offering space enough space for yoga.
Moreover, they offer specialized massage services at the spa to rejuvenate you with various specialized massage techniques to improve our body performance. They also offer aromatherapy facial to induce relaxation and treat your skin good.

Barry's Bootcamp

  1. Barry’s Bootcamp

At Queens way, King’s Cross and Shore-ditch, stands the outstanding Barry’s Bootamp. It has a celebrity feel. It actually has a number of celebrity members including Kim Kardashian. It has a red-lit interior with a row of high tech treadmills. They alternate cardio and anaerobic exercises to burn your calories.

  1. The Clock

May 17, 2017 at 07:57PM

The Clock is a relaxed private members club that focus their training on scientific methods, health and nutrition. It is located along 42 Wimpole Street. It has an elegant marble floor and the interior becomes complete with a beautiful high ceiling and a fireplace. Totally makes you feel like you were at your home.

Members also hold meetings there. The workouts there are not that easy as they are tailored to produce rapid and impressive results. They personal trainer are also great although you cannot train over 12 people at once because of the space.

  1. KX Life


Located along 151 Draycott Avenue, KX life was founded in 2002. They gym has established an reputation in fitness, exercise, nutrition and general body health. KX has 5 star feel and it has a spa and a restaurant. Members can do their sales there. Even though having been established in 2002, it still has modern and stylish interior.

They use holistic approach to wellness that is individually tailored. There is a spa that is opened to non-members and they also services such as manicure and pedicure. The resting area has very comfortable sofas.

  1. Lomax Chelsea

Lomax Gym

At Lomax, there is everything that you need. Your personalized cubicle has every fitness machine such as the spin bike to tailor your personalized needs as you wish. They also
have a well-being clinic if you are concerned with you proteins. It is located at 293 Full ham Road, Chelsea.


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