Yuuuuuuuuuuuumy! That is the quote of pure ecstasy when people taste food. I mean who doesn’t want to exclaim that expression when we taste something heavenly? I know I wouldn’t, because if ever we meet I would be that guy always that always moans when I am stuffing my mouth with delicious food. Moreover, I don’t care if you judge me, for such bad habits; however I do care if you travel here to Florida, because dear Lord this is the best place to live in if you have voracious appetite for delicious food!

The Cuban Sandwich

04 Cuban Sandwich - Casa Havana

Oh God it is the dreaded delicious sandwich. I could eat a lot of these sandwiches to the point it will be the reason of my death. An objective description of this sandwich is “right balance of citrus marinated pork, sweet ham and sharp swiss cheese that gives you that endless delight in every bite”. Well if that was how it was well described, well when this sandwich was in my mouth already I could not say fantastic words, because you could only hear the satisfied moans of this voracious eater. Therefore, try this food before you die, because you do not want, regret to fill your last days on earth with not eating the Cuban Sandwich.

Key lime pie

Flounder's Key Lime Pie

Dessert! Dessert! Dessert! I said three sequential joyous exclamations for the word of ultimate sweetness. Oh, I love me so much dessert especially the Key Lime Pie. The tang from the citrus of lemon inside of this dessert will leave you hanging. You cannot get enough of key lime pie. It is an addiction!

It is so addictive that when you leave south beach, you would have that junky phase, and no one wants to go through withdrawal because of Key Lime Pies! It is horrible to part away from Key Lime Pies. You know to share an experience of mine, I drove to Miami everyday for 1 week so that I could get my shot of these delicious lime pies. I did not care if it cost me too much gas or time, I wanted my fill of Key Lime Pies. Therefore, because of this experience I urge you to drive to Florida and get your fill of Key Lime Pies.

Florida Stone Crab

florida stone crab

Woah! Woah! Its Stone Crab harvesting season again? Oh, how time flies. I cannot forget the first time I tasted these delicious claws of Stone Crabs. I mean the tender flesh from the crab will never fail you of its tender and delicious taste.

So when you arrive in Miami, break away the shell of the Stone Crabs immediately. Those sheets of chitin on the claws of stone crabs are what separate you from the tender happiness in the stone crab’s claw. Whether you dip it in Brandy Mayonnaise, or Spicy Marinara sauce, the claws of the Florida Stone Crab will never hinder you from total happiness that is why there is the urgency now to drive down to the Miami and get a load of Stone Crab Claws.

Cedar Key Clams

Cedar Key Clams

Cedar Key my place of recreation. You know if I want to lay back and distance from the humdrums of the stresses of urban life, I would go to Cedar Key. The place is just so peaceful; everything about the place just feels ethereal and serene. Moreover, the primary reason why I like to kick back in Cedar Key is their clams. Yes ever heard of Cedar Key Clams? Well it is found here in Cedar Key (obviously).

These bad babies are so delicious that you do not care if whether they are served in the style of Chef Judy Roger’s Spaghetti with Clams or Hog Island’s Clam Chowder style. Just alone with the sight of these spaghetti clams you will salivate. Hence, with serene atmosphere and delicious clam cuisines, the time you drive down to Cedar Key my advice is to never leave!

Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake

Don’t you just love desserts? Well I cannot get enough of them. Scare me of diabetes or dread me with the trepidation of impending death if I eat too much dessert it would not hamper my voracious appetite for desserts. Therefore, if you are like me, come let us travel to Florida especially during its strawberry season.

Within this season, you will taste and see an endless quantity of Strawberry shortcakes. Strawberry shortcakes are nasty. If you are thinking that strawberry shortcakes are cute, oh you need to think again. They maybe short but they are far from cute, they are big! Moreover, the taste is overwhelming! You would wish always that it were strawberry season always in Florida, because it is sweet, sweet, sweet! The strawberry shortcake does not deliver short of its promised dessert taste.

Want to come to Florida already? Well isn’t this nice, you are just one in a million who wants to travel here in Florida. So be a bandwagon, come here too. Fly, drive or whatever just reach Florida specifically Orlando. Rent a car in Orlando and drive around Florida and try those delicious foods that I listed above. You know take it from me again, land trips are the best. So rent a car in Orlando and drive everywhere in Florida.

Happy trips!

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